Economic diversification

Economic diversification is the process of shifting an economy away from a single income source toward multiple sources from a growing range of sectors and markets. Traditionally, it has been applied as a strategy to encourage positive economic growth and development. In the context of climate change adaptation, it takes on a new relevance as a strategy to diversify away from vulnerable products, markets, and jobs toward income sources that are low-emission and more climate resilient.

The NWP aims to promote the understanding of economic diversification as well as the development and dissemination of related knowledge resources to assist all Parties, and in particular developing countries, to take informed adaptation action (FCCC/CP/2005/5/Add.1 paragraph 3(b)(v) ).


Work in the area of economic diversification can contribute to efforts by Parties and organizations to:

  1. Exchange experiences and opportunities on the development and dissemination of measures, methodologies and tools aimed at increasing economic resilience;
  2. Exchange experiences and lessons learned in economic diversification, including ways to develop institutional capacity, and improve understanding on how economic diversification can be integrated into sustainable development plans, especially those that promote sustainable economic growth and the eradication of poverty.


ED Resources
Year Convener Title Theme Link

Nairobi Work Programme (NWP)

12th Focal Point Forum Economic Diversification and adaptation  
2016 UNFCCC The concept of economic diversification in the context of response measures. Technical paper by the secretariat Economic Diversification response measures and resilience paper Economic diversification.pdf
2016 Adaptation Committee Adaptation Committee fact sheet on livelihood and economic diversification: complementary tools for adaptation
Resilience, Livelihood and Economic Diversification
2016 SBSTA/SBI Economic Diversification and Just Transition in context of response measures Economic diversification and transformation, just transition in the workplace
2015 UNFCCC LED - Additional Resources from Experts Additional expert documents on economic diversification
2015 Adaptation Committee, NWP Adaptation Committee expert meeting on livelihoods and economic diversification Adaptation
2013 SBSTA/SBI Joint SBI/SBSTA forum on the impact of the implementation of response measures at SB38 Just transition of the workforce  
2009 SBSTA/SBI Report of the Subsidiary Body for Scientific and Technological Advice on its thirtieth session Economic resilience and adaptation
2009 SBSTA/SBI Report on the technical workshop on increasing economic resilience to climate change and reducing reliance on vulnerable economic sectors, including through economic diversification Impacts, vulnerability and resilience of economic diversification
2007 NWP Synthesis of information on economic diversification submitted by Parties and relevant organizations Impacts, adaptation, resilience
2007 NWP Submission by Parties and relevant organisations on examples of measures, methodologies and tools to increase economic resilience Impacts, adaptation, resilience

2006 UNFCCC Expert Meeting on ED Economic diversifications integration into sustainable development strategies
2003 UNFCCC UNFCCC workshop on Economic Diversification Response Measures, mobilizing resources.