Research - Nairobi work programme

Promoting research on adaptation options and the development and diffusion of technologies, know-how, and practices for adaptation, particularly addressing identified adaptation priorities and building on lessons learned from current adaptation projects and strategies

A sure research and knowledge base from systematic observation and forecasting services is essential to monitor climate, detect and attribute climate change, improve the understanding of the dynamics of the climate system and its natural variability, provide input for climate models, asess impacts and vulnerability, and thus plan adaptation options. Further information on existing secretariat work on research is available under Methods & Science - Research.

Activities and deliverables under the second phase (2008-2010) include:

  • The SBSTA encouraged greater consideration of adaptation in future dialogues on research and noted the research needs identified in document FCCC/SBSTA/2007/12 and invited bodies and programmes involved in this type of research to inform the SBSTA of activities , including during the research dialogue to take place at its thirtieth (June 2009) and thirty-second session (June 2010)

  • The SBSTA encouraged relevant institutions to further research on vulnerability mapping for analysis of the impacts associated with climate change in key areas, including terrestrial and marine ecosystems, in the light of economic, environmental and social indicators

Activities and deliverables under the first phase (up to June 2008) included:

  • Synthesis report of ongoing and planned adaptation research and adaptation research needs

Activities are undertaken under, and in coordination with, the work of the SBSTA on research and systematic observation. Since 2002,  the SBSTA has regularly considered priority areas of research and questions for the scientific community that are relevant to the Convention.

Work in the area of research can contribute to efforts by Parties and organizations to:

Analyse opportunities and ways to promote research on adaptive capacities and adaptation practices that increase resilience.

Details of activities and deliverables under the first phase

Synthesis report

The secretariat has been mandated to prepare, before its twenty-seventh session, a synthesis report (FCCC/SBSTA/2007/12)
on ongoing and planned adaptation research, as well as the adaptation research needs identified in the submissions from Parties and relevant organizations included in the following documents, and to take this into account in the consideration of further activities.

These submissions, and the synthesis by the secretariat of the information contained therein, were mandated by SBSTA in 2005 to help ensure that research needs relating to the Convention are regularly considered, in order to inform Parties about ongoing and planned activities of regional and international climate change research programmes, and to communicate Parties views on research needs and priorities to the scientific community.