NAP Expo

The NAP Expo is an outreach event organized by the Least Developed Countries Expert Group (LEG) under the UNFCCC, in collaboration with various bodies and organizations, to promote exchange of experiences and foster partnerships between a wide range of actors and stakeholders on how to advance National Adaptation Plans (NAPs).

Objectives of the NAP Expos

The overall objective of the NAP Expo is to advance the formulation and implementation of NAPs by serving as a forum where different countries, organizations and other relevant actors can interact and exchange experiences on NAPs. Specific objectives include the following:

  • To update stakeholders on the latest guidance on the technical and financial aspects to advance the formulation and implementation of NAPs;
  • To discuss country experiences, best practices, lessons learned, gaps and needs and information on support provided and received in relation to the process to formulate and implement NAPs;
  • To offer a platform for countries to interact with the GCF and others providing support for NAPs, as a means to improve access to financing for NAPs.

Background documents on NAPs

Initial guidelines for the formulation of NAPs (121 kB)

NAP technical guidelines:

The NAP process a brief overview (1627 kB)