Participation and engagement in COP 25

This page provides information on participation and engagement opportunities for observer organizations and other non-Party stakeholders in COP 25. This page will be updated as further information becomes available.   



Several observer organizations have inquired about the registration process and the possibility of changing their delegation, considering the change of venue of COP 25. Taking into consideration the various factors involved, the secretariat has devised an approach that will allow observer organizations to change their delegations as needed and at the same time help us identify the delegates who will be able to participate at COP25 to be held in Madrid.  In this regard, we would like to confirm that the quota allocation will remain the same for the moment and no reduction of quota is planned.

Please note that the ORS system confirmations will be reset by 04 November 2019, 20:00 CET (Bonn Time). The nominations of delegates will still be visible as entered in the past and the DCP of each organization will be able (and requested) to confirm/change the delegates that will be able to come to COP25 to be held in Madrid from 2 – 13 December 2019.


Please note that the following actions have to be performed by the DCP of each organization in ORS:

  • We kindly request you to please re-confirm your delegation, if possible, before 10 November 2019 – as this will help us to plan accordingly. The re-confirmations will allow us enough time to process and accommodate your requests more effectively.
  • Once the DCP has confirmed the delegates, Acknowledgement/Visa letters are immediately generated and can be downloaded for each delegate from ORS (or from the confirmation email sent to each participant) to apply to visas as applicable.


Additionally, please note the below important points:

  • The quota will remain the same as allocated for Chile for the moment.
  • The Online Registration System (ORS) has been reset for each organization and delegates have to be confirmed once again.
  • Delegates can be changed before confirmation in ORS as applicable, considering the change of venue of COP25.
  • The confirmation deadline will remain the same - 25 November 2019, 23:59 hrs CET (Bonn Time) and DCPs can confirm their delegates until this deadline; however, we kindly request you to please confirm your delegation at the earliest, if possible, before 10 November 2019 – as this will help us to plan accordingly.
  • Please note that Acknowledgement/Visa letters sent prior to 4 November 2019 may no longer be valid. Acknowledgement letters have to be downloaded once again from ORS or from the new confirmation email sent to the delegate – as the reference numbers and codes may be different once the delegates have been re-confirmed.

Instructions for Designated Contact Points:

  1. Please be informed that all delegates that have been previously confirmed for the COP25 meeting in Santiago have to be re-confirmed in the Online Registration System (ORS), along with any changes to those confirmations, considering the change of venue of COP 25 to Madrid, Spain.
  2. Therefore, you are kindly requested to re-confirm your delegates. The confirmation deadline remains the same: 25 November, midnight CET. We kindly request you to please re-confirm your delegates at the earliest, as this will allow us to plan better.
  3. Please note that this step will allow you to adjust your delegation (add/remove/edit delegates) as well as to change week 1/week 2/both weeks attendance.
  4. Once confirmed, a new acknowledgement/visa letter is generated and sent to the delegate’s email address (that is provided in ORS) allowing the participant to process the visa to Spain. Alternatively, for all confirmed participants the acknowledgement/visa letter is available in the Online Registration System (ORS).  



How to download acknowledgement/visa letters from ORS:

Once delegates are confirmed, open ORS and as per usual practice, go to “My delegation page”, click the "Nomination Acknowledgement" button for each participant you want to download the visa letter. The instructions can also be found here.


Confirmation emails, acknowledgement/visa letters sent prior to 4 November are no longer valid:

You are kindly advised to inform previously and newly confirmed participants on their registration status. Only confirmed delegates will be able to download and receive a valid acknowledgement/visa letter. A confirmation email containing a link to the visa letter will be sent to newly confirmed delegates. Please note that confirmation emails and visa letters prior to 4 November are no longer valid.