SBI work programmes - understanding of the diversity of NAMAs

COP 18 established a work programme to further the understanding of the diversity of NAMAs to be implemented in 2013-2014.  This programme will consider:

  • Underlying assumptions and methodologies, sectors and gases covered, global warming potential values used and estimated mitigation outcomes;

  • Needs for financial, technology and capacity-building support, as well as support available and provided, access modalities and related experience gained;

  • The extent of the matching of mitigation actions with financial, technology and capacity building support under the registry

 SBI 40

The objective of the work programme at SBI 40  will be to advance work on the issues identified at SBI 39 and to consider the report to COP 20 on the outcomes of the work programme.

To this end

-  An in session workshop will be organized and to advance substantive discussions.  A preliminary agenda is found here.

In-session workshop Presentations:

- NAMA Facility presentation on Experience with Providing Support for the Implementation of NAMAs

- GEF-UNDP presentation on Supporting ECIS transition to low emission development - NAMAs for low-carbon end-use sectors in Azerbaijan

- UNEP presentation on the Overview of NAMAs in UNFCCC registry - Expressed support needs

- UNFCCC presentation on the status of the NAMA Registry

- Informal consultations, will be convened to consider the outcome of the workshop and to discuss procedural issues including the report to the COP.


Report on the in-session workshop

Past events

NAMA Workprogramme at SBI39