Conference of the Parties (COP)

What is the COP?
The COP is the supreme decision-making body of the Convention. All States that are Parties to the Convention are represented at the COP, at which they review the implementation of the Convention and any other legal instruments that the COP adopts and take decisions necessary to promote the effective implementation of the Convention, including institutional and administrative arrangements.

More Background on the COP
A key task for the COP is to review the national communications and emission inventories submitted by Parties. Based on this information, the COP assesses the effects of the measures taken by Parties and the progress made in achieving the ultimate objective of the Convention.

The COP meets every year, unless the Parties decide otherwise. The first COP meeting was held in Berlin, Germany in March, 1995. The COP meets in Bonn, the seat of the secretariat, unless a Party offers to host the session. Just as the COP Presidency rotates among the five recognized UN regions - that is, Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, Central and Eastern Europe and Western Europe and Others – there is a tendency for the venue of the COP to also shift among these groups.

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Document type
  • cp24 auv collectivegoal
    COP 24 Setting a new collective quantified goal on finance in accordance with decision 1/CP.21, paragraph 53
    Non-official session documents
    Full library record
  • cp24 auv pa9.5
    COP 24 Article 9.5 of the Paris Agreement
    Non-official session documents
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  • FCCC/CP/2018/INF.3
    List of participants
    Lists of participants
    Full library record
  • FCCC/CP/2018/L.2-FCCC/KP/CMP/2018/L.3-FCCC/PA/CMA/2018/L.2
    Expression of gratitude to the Government of the Republic of Poland and the people of the city of Katowice.
    Meeting documents
    Full library record
  • FCCC/CP/2018/9−FCCC/KP/CMP/2018/7 −FCCC/PA/CMA/2018/2
    Report on credentials. Report of the Bureau.
    Meeting documents
    Full library record
  • COP 24 - High level segment 3 Dec 2018 - Final list of speakers
    Non-official session documents
    Full library record
  • FCCC/PA/CMA/2018/1
    Agenda and annotations. Note by the Executive Secretary
    Agendas and annotations
    Full library record
  • FCCC/CP/2017/INF.4/Corr.1
    List of participants. Corrigendum
    Lists of participants
    Full library record
  • FCCC/CP/2017/INF.4
    List of participants.
    Lists of participants
    Full library record
  • FCCC/2017/II/OD/12
    Daily programme for Friday, 17 November 2017 (COP23) (CMP 13) (CMA1-2) (SBI47) (SBSTA47) (APA1-4).
    Daily programmes
    Full library record
Document type
  • Annual technical progress report of the Paris Committee on Capacity-building for 2017
    Full library record
  • SCF 17 - list of participants
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