Participation and engagement in the Bonn Climate Change Conference - June 2019

This page provides information on participation and engagement opportunities for observer organizations and other non-Party stakeholders in the Bonn Climate Change Conference - June 2019.

Please also visit the Conference main page, including the Information (A-Z) for further information.

Further information will be added as it becomes available.

Participation and registration

Who can register

In accordance with Article 7, paragraph 6 of the Convention, Parties to the Convention, United Nations and related organizations and agencies, media and non-profit observer organizations with observer status may attend the sessions of the Convention. Consequently, everyone wishing to enter the conference must be registered accordingly and in possession of a conference badge.

How to register

United Nations and related organizations and agencies

Please see the section "Attending sessions" here.

IGOs and NGOs with observer status

Registration is managed through the Online Registration System. The registration timelines for delegates of admitted IGOs and admitted NGOs for SB 50 are:

  • Nomination: 7 March 2019 to 29 April 2019, midnight CET
  • Confirmation: 6 May 2019 to 14 June 2019, midnight CET

All delegates of admitted observer organizations have to be registered within these deadlines. Please see the notification for further information.

Important guidelines

Information notes and notifications are published here.

Registration on-site (for duly registered observers)

Please see the notification for further information.



The UNFCCC secretariat has become aware that certain admitted observer organizations are using commercial business model packages to solicit business. As an inducement to sell these packages, potential clients are assured participation at UNFCCC conferences, sessions and meetings through quotas of admitted observer organizations. The UNFCCC secretariat would like to make clear that it does not endorse such practices nor does it charge any fees to anyone for participating in the UNFCCC process. Eligible participants are accredited only by the UNFCCC secretariat who upon issue of badges by the UNFCCC secretariat can enter conference, sessions and meetings venues and participate, subject to the relevant rules and regulations, in the activities organized by the UNFCCC secretariat including the UNFCCC side events and exhibits.

Daily Badge System
Follow the negotiations


Detailed information (including agendas, official documents, decisions, Daily Programme and schedule of meetings) can be accessed through the conference main page.

Access to negotiation meetings

Changes to in-session access to informal meetings are announced on CCTV screens in the conference venue as well as through Twitter: @UNFCCCObservers

Virtual participation

Information on virtual participation, including webcast, will be published on the conference main page.

Newsletters/Daily updates from NGOs

Some admitted NGOs provide daily updates on the negotiations. Please find the updates at the links below.


The content of any sites or documents linked to above do not necessarily represent the views/opinion of the UNFCCC secretariat and neither does the UNFCCC secretariat vouch for or shall be held liable/accountable for the accuracy, reliability, usefulness, completeness of the views, opinion, statements, any written text in any form and/or any other information provided on these websites.

Input to the process: Briefings and dialogues

Presiding officers and the UNFCCC Executive Secretary provide updates on the negotiations and opportunities to exchange views in briefings and dialogues with observer organizations. These meetings are facilitated by one of the Constituency Focal Points. During the conference, information on such meetings will be published in the Daily Programme and on the CCTV screens.

Input to the process: Showcasing (side events, exhibits)

Please see the SB 50 side events and exhibits web page for further information.

Input to the process: Constituency statements

Intervention opportunities are provided by the presiding officers of the respective negotiating bodies. Such opportunities are communicated by the secretariat to the Constituency Focal Points. NGO constituency members are encouraged to work with the Constituency Focal Points to develop statements. The list of admitted NGOs indicates the constituency of an admitted NGO.

Input to the process: Submissions in response to calls for information and views

Convention bodies often request written input, called submissions, on views and information on various issues under negotiation. These mandates are extended to observer organizations. Information on how to make submissions is available here.