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Gender 101 Webinar


16:00 - 17:30

Background Information

As part of the continuation and enhancement of the Lima work programme on gender, the Conference of the Parties (COP) requested that all constituted bodies include in their regular reports progress made towards the integration of gender perspectives in their respective processes.

The gender action plan, established by decision 3/CP.23, includes two activities that support the constituted bodies in meeting the request from the COP referred to above. Under activities C.1 and C.2 of the ‘Coherence’ priority area, the secretariat was requested to organize a dialogue for the Chairs of constituted bodies to discuss the outcomes and recommendations of the technical paper referred to above, and to provide capacity-building for the Chairs and members of the constituted bodies, respectively.

Against this background, the objective of the Webinar was to enhance the capacity of members of the constituted bodies to integrate gender considerations in their work, in support of the goals under the Lima work programme on gender and its action plan.

The Webinar was open to the Chairs and members of the PCCB as well as Chairs and members of other constituted bodies who may have an interest in the subject matter.

- Overview
- Gender responsive budgeting for  climate change
- Gender and CC Bangladesh _case study


Jeniffer Hanna, PCCB
Verona Collantes, Intergovernmental Specialist, UN Women
Emilia Reyes, Mexico
Shaila Shahid Senior Programme Coordinator - Gender and Climate Change, ICCCAD
Verona Collantes, Intergovernmental Specialist, UN Women