Press - COP 25

Media accreditation for COP 25 will open in the fall.

Further information on completing the accreditation process
Frequently asked questions



Registration schedules will be communicated when available.


Information will be communicated when available.

Press conferences

Requests should be addressed directly to: UNFCCC Press Conference Bookings

Advance requests for press conferences at COP 25 are gladly received, on the understanding that it is not yet possible to book them in our meeting room system.  The system usually opens in the fall, closer to the date of the conference. Your request will be kept on file, and confirmed when we are able to schedule.


More information on press conferences

Use of camera and audio/video recording devices

The taking of still photographs and making of audio or video recordings within a United Nations designated conference venue are subject to guidelines and any other guidance or instructions deemed relevant by the
secretariat or United Nations Security.


Information on visas will be updated in due course.

Accommodation and transport

The host Government has officially appointed the accommodation management agency, Mundotour to provide related assistance, including for identifying accommodation.


Participants are strongly encouraged to obtain comprehensive international medical insurance for their period of participation. The United Nations and the UNFCCC secretariat disclaim all responsibility for medical, accident and travel insurance, for compensation for death or disability, for loss of or damage to personal property and for any other costs or losses that may be incurred during travel time or the period of participation.

Additionally, participants are personally responsible for any and all materials that they bring onto the conference premises. The United Nations and the UNFCCC secretariat disclaim all liability and responsibility for the loss, destruction or theft of any such materials.

In the interest of the security and safety of all participants and the smooth running of the conference, the UNFCCC secretariat reserves the right to deny and/or restrict access to the conference premises or to request registered participants to leave the premises. The UNFCCC secretariat shall not be responsible for any or all expenses incurred by nominated participants who are requested to leave the premises or are refused registration or access to the conference for which they have been nominated and/or registered as participants.