Press conferences

Press Conference Rooms are provided at UNFCCC conferences.  Press conferences conducted at UNFCCC meetings are open to all registered news media.

Booking the official press conference room

To reserve the Press Conference Room, please complete the press conference request form and send to the UNFCCC Press Office (pressconf(at)unfccc(dot)int)

There is no cost for use of the press conference room.

Press conferences may be requested through the final day of the conference.

  • Only registered government representatives and admitted observer organizations (IGOs and NGOs) may hold a press conference.  In addition, the UNFCCC secretariat regularly briefs the press throughout the conference.
  • All requests will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis with close alternatives being offered should the time slot be already reserved. First priority is given to Parties and the UNFCCC secretariat.
  • Normal press conference services are provided between the hours of 09:00-20:00 (bearing exceptional circumstances).
  • Same day requests must be received at least an hour before the requested time.  Same day press conferences to be held after 18.00 must be booked by 17.00.
  • All press conferences must be requested no later than 17.00 local time the day before the desired date.
  • In order to reduce paper consumption, the daily schedule of press briefings is available electronically on the UNFCCC website. Participants are kindly requested to consult the CCTV monitors for changes or updates.
  • Once confirmed, every effort will be made to retain reserved dates and times.  However, if a priority booking request is received, we will work with the contact person to find a suitable alternative.
  • Each press briefing is 30 minutes in length, maximum. Time limits are strictly enforced.
  • Note that attendance is limited to accredited media registered for the conference. Access is also granted to the UNFCCC communications team plus a limited number of staff from the delegation/organization holding the press conference.

Logistical information

  • Room set-up is theater-style seating, with a head table and microphones.
  • Participants are asked to provide their own nameplates. 
  • Press conference rooms on the conference premises are usually equipped with presentation equipment, including a beamer and notebook to upload presentations from a USB stick.  Please advise at the time of booking whether you will be making a presentation during your press conference.
  • All press conferences are webcast, unless otherwise noted.

Announcing a press conference

  • Participants are responsible for creating their own media lists and informing the news media of their press conferences.
  • Scheduled press conferences are posted on the UNFCCC website and announced on the CCTV screens throughout the conference premises.
  • In addition, a schedule of all press conferences is posted in the Media Centre throughout the course of the conference.
  • UNFCCC staff will be pleased to make media advisories and other materials available to accredited press in the Media Centre.  Please contact the UNFCCC communications team to facilitate distribution.