Climate Finance and Sustainable Cities

2019 Forum of the Standing Committee on Finance

Dates: 2 days during the week of 9th September (to be confirmed)
Venue: United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia
City: Beirut
Country: Lebanon

The Forum of the Standing Committee on Finance (SCF) provides a platform for a wide range of stakeholders from governments, climate funds, financial institutions, civil society, think tanks and the private sector to discuss a topic of interest in climate finance and promote linkages and coherence in the mobilization and delivery of climate finance.

The theme of 2019 SCF Forum, will be "Climate Finance and Sustainable Cities", with the following sub-themes:

  1. Financing cities' low emission development;
  2. Financing climate-resilient cities;
  3. Capacity-building of local authorities to finance sustainable cities;
  4. The role of climate finance in facilitating a transition towards inclusive, participatory and gender-responsive and youth-oriented cities.

The objective of the Forum is to enhance the understanding on how to accelerate the mobilization and delivery of climate finance for sustainable cities by:

        (1) Bringing together key stakeholders and sharing good practices and lessons learned in financing sustainable cities and integrating climate considerations into cities’ broader domestic infrastructure               development, and urban planning processes;

        (2) Identifying challenges faced by actors at the city level to access and attract climate finance and sharing information on available support and;

        (3) Exploring the role of climate finance to facilitate inclusive, participatory, gender-responsive and youth-oriented cities.

Programme: Please download the provisional programme (v. 25 March 2019)

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