International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis

Initiatives to Strengthen National Modelling Capacities:
Tools for Linking Climate Policies to Sustainable Development

12 December 2018 / 14:00 – 15:00

PCCB Capacity-Building Hub / RYSY Meeting Room 24 - Area E

Climate change is intricately linked to sustainable development both in terms of the underlying drivers and policy choices to achieve the related goals. To effectively inform decision making on ways to achieve climate and sustainable developmental goals concurrently, science needs to take an integrated and holistic perspective. This requires comprehensive analysis of future development pathways that align both global and national perspectives, and address multiple policy priorities simultaneously. The EU Horizon 2020 funded project – Linking Climate and Development Policies – Leveraging International Networks and Knowledge Sharing – (CD-LINKS) explicitly aims to establish a research network and capacity building platform in order to leverage knowledge-exchange among institutions from Europe and key emerging economies and developing countries. The associated capacity building and knowledge sharing activities include:

  • developing open-access tools and databases to ensure a diverse set of users are able to exploit project results for their purposes,
  • a dedicated exchange program for early- to mid-career scientists within the project, and
  • conducting capacity building workshops and a summer school to engage external analysts and researchers. This side event will introduce the CD-LINKS project and its activities, focusing specifically on how national-global interactions and climate-sustainable development linkages are modelled, and the capacity building activities initiated to achieve its objectives.
List of speakers
Dr. Volker Krey
Deputy Program Director, Energy Program, IIASA.
Integrated climate change and sustainable development analysis at the national and global scale – an overview of the CD-LINKS project
Ms. Heleen van Soest
Department of Climate, Air and Energy, PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency
Tools for assessing the impact of climate policies and NDCs
Dr. Daniel Huppmann
Research Scholar, Energy Program, IIASA
The MESSAGEix modeling framework and other state-of-the-art tools for integrated scenario analysis
Mr. Swapnil Shekhar
The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)
India Experiences with the collaborative capacity building approach



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