Capacity-building Hub: Enhancing Capacity-building Action

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The engagement of stakeholders to increase collaboration and dissemination of capacity-building tools and knowledge exchange is essential for further enhancing capacity-building in developing countries. Consequently, the PCCB is fostering dialogue, coordination, collaboration and coherence among all relevant stakeholders, within and outside of the Convention, with a view to promoting and exploring synergies to boost action.

In line with the calls for more discussion time and space expressed at the 7th Durban Forum, as well as various PCCB mandates, meetings and submissions suggesting specific actions to foster global, regional, national and subnational cooperation, the PCCB is combining the expertise of stakeholders involved in capacity-building activities and existing resources with an innovative stakeholder engagement approach.

The series of events at the Capacity-building Hub @ COP 24 reflects the collaborative spirit of the capacity-building community and will highlight the 2018 focus area of the PCCB - capacity-building for the implementation of NDCs.

Suggestions from stakeholders to enhance capacity-building action and the response from PCCB

The below elements are drawn from the more extensive compilation of needs and requests that are contained in the PCCB documents, submissions and meeting inputs. It is a list of improvements that can be made in the short-term, while the more complex and advanced improvements for the long-term vision are being determined.

Parties and non-Party stakeholders suggestions

Response from PCCB

At the 7th Durban Forum on Capacity-building held in May 2018, Parties and non-Party stakeholders reiterated:

  • The need for more time and space for informal and formal discussions on capacity-building related matters in order to exchange knowledge on case studies, success stories, lessons learned and how to support capacity-building in developing countries

At the first meeting of the PCCB, held in May 2017, in the context of the Capacity-building portal, the Committee received submissions from Parties and non-Party stakeholders, suggesting for the PCCB to:

  • Facilitate access to capacity training modules or relevant materials
  • Map stakeholders and capacity-building activities
  • Create an inventory of other existing portals and platforms
  • Add a calendar of capacity-building events and activities
  • Compile information about capacity-building actions at the regional, national and subnational levels
  • Provide a space for users’ participation in the capacity-building dialogue and their feedback



  • Create a dedicated space (Capacity-building Hub) to present a series of events, which will feature presentations, networking opportunities and showcasing hands-on training of tools
  • Launch a PCCB Facebook page for COP 24 to support wider outreach and networking on capacity-building, which PCCB members, capacity-building practitioners and policy-makers can use for on-going knowledge exchanges
  • Collaborate with relevant stakeholders to foster global, regional, national and subnational cooperation
  • Disseminate and promote relevant information on the capacity-building webpages that complement the capacity-building portal until this additional information can be integrated into an enhanced version of the portal; and
  • Initiate the process of adding contact information to the mapping of the stakeholders and capacity-building list
Get involved
Capacity-building Hub

Representatives of organizations attending on-site can propose a topic for possible ad-hoc inclusion into the series of events at the Capacity-building Hub by sending an email to, to express interest, containing:

  • Name and website of institution

  • Name, title, email of presenter

  • Proposed topic related to capacity-building

  • Preferred date

Stakeholders and Capacity-building list

Organizations/institutions can be included in the Stakeholders and Capacity-building list by sending the following information to

  • Name and website of organization

  • Link to capacity-building project

  • Link to social media tools

  • Capacity-building contact (name, title email)

Capacity-building Portal: Complementary resources

Based on the requests of Party and non-Party stakeholders to present additional information related to capacity-building activities, the corresponding webpages are intended to complement the capacity-building portal until this additional information can be integrated into an enhanced version of the portal.

Organizations/institutions can send links related to capacity-building information to for possible inclusion on the complementary resources webpages.


Additional events

PCCB side-events

3 December 15:00-16:30
Update on the work of the Paris Committee on Capacity-building

7 December 13:15-14:45
Building capacity for integrating human rights into climate action