Nama workshop

Regional Capacity Building Workshops


The COP, at its 18th session required the secretariat to organize regional technical workshops to support developing countries in development and implementation of their nationally appropriate mitigation actions (NAMAs).

To respond to this request, secretariat has been facilitating provision of technical support to developing countries in the design and implementation of their nationally mitigation actions (NAMAs). To that end secretariat has organized three rounds of regional capacity building workshops which brought together national experts with experts from international organizations, private sector and civil society to facilitate sharing of experiences, lessons learned and best practices in the process of preparation and implementation of NAMAs. Hands-on training on financial engineering and measurement, reporting and verification were also part of these regional workshops.

in 2006, in order to tailor the support to meet the specific capacity building needs of countries, particularly those that are lagging behind in design and implementation of NAMA, secretariat organized two sub-regional workshops in Francophone and Anglophone Africa.


Objective of the regional Capacity-Building Workshops

  • Facilitate accelerated implementation of NAMAs so that they can effectively contribute towards closing the pre-2020 ambition gap and contribute towards achieving nationally determined contributions;
  • Facilitate provision of tailored technical support to developing countries, particularly those that are lagging behind, in design and implementation of NAMAs;
  • To ensure synergy, coherence and cost-effectiveness and to avoid duplication of efforts, strengthen collaboration within the secretariat and with external partners in providing support to developing countries in implementation of NAMAs an in closing the pre-2020 ambition gap. 



   NAMA Market Place

In order to facilitate accelerated implementation of NAMAs, since 2015 secretariat has been organizing NAMA Market Place sessions, which provide countries with ambitious NAMAs a platform to present their NAMAs to panel of public donors/lenders and private sectors.


  • Provide platform for countries to present ambitious NAMAs to potential donors;
  • Showcase leadership role taken by front runner countries in design and implementation of ambitious NAMAs;
  • Facilitate implementation of ambitious NAMAs that aim to move relevant sectors on low-emissions pathways.

Secretariat contact: Ms. Tshering Sherpa (Tsherpa@unfccc,int) and Ms. Marie-Therese Diouf-Sperling (