Detailed LEG Work Programme 2011-2012


The SBI at its thirty-third session (COP 16) requested the LEG to develop a two-year rolling programme of work for consideration by the SBI at its first sessional meeting of each year, and to report on its work to the SBI at each of its session. The table below presents the detailed activities of the work programme of the LEG for the first two years of its mandate, 2011-2012.

The pdf version of the detailed LEG work programme is available here


 Expected Result


 Product/Output/ Activity Type


Objective 1. Support implementation of NAPAs Expected result 1: Advice and technical support on the implementation of NAPAs is provided Develop a technical paper on options that could be used by LDC Parties to access additional resources under the LDCF for NAPA implementation as more resources become available, including options for scaling up NAPA activities

Tech Paper

Year 1
    Prepare an information paper on a programmatic approach for implementing NAPAs, in collaboration with the GEF and its agencies


Year 1
    Communicate complementary key information to LDCs, through regular notes, in response to key concerns (such as on issues of accessing of funds, co-financing, adaptation-additionality, elaboration of log frames for common project activities), in cooperation with the GEF and agencies Outreach Product Years 1-5
    Conduct regional workshops to facilitate application of new approaches such as the programmatic approach in the implementation of NAPAs and integration of gender concerns in NAPA implementation, address key issues related to implementation of NAPAs, and revision and update of NAPAs, and to serve as a means for exchanging best practices and lessons at the regional level Training Workshop Years 1-2
    Continue to invite the GEF and its agencies and relevant organizations and experts to LEG meetings and workshops to facilitate support to LDCs  Process Years 1-5
  Expected result 2: Implementation of NAPAs is sucessfully monitored Continue dialogue with LDC NAPA teams (and other relevant stakeholders) on the NAPA and use results to further inform LEG support Dialogue: Survey & Interviews Years 1-5
    Compile and analyze information on implementation of NAPAs to profile and track status of implementation for each LDC in cooperation with the GEF & Agencies and other relevant actors Compilation, Monitoring & Analysis Years 1-5
    Assess and analyze the NAPA implementation process to identify measures of success and benchmarks for key steps and expected outcomes Compilation, Monitoring & Analysis Years 1-5
  Expected result 3: LDCs are supported in developping methods to monitor the impact and effectiveness of efforts to address their vulnerability Develop an approach for monitoring the effectiveness of adaptation efforts in LDCs to reduce vulnerability to climate change  Tech Paper Years 2-3
Objective 2: Provide technical advice and guidance on identification of medium and long-term adaptation activities in LDCs, and their integration into development planning Expected result: LDCs have increased their capacities to identify needs and implement medium and long-term adaptation activities Compile information on approaches and steps used by different countries in designing medium to long-term adaptation plans (including those based on the NAPA process) and identify how these can inform medium and long-term adaptation planning and implementation for LDCs, using a case study approach Compilation, Monitoring & Analysis Years 1-2
    Identify and communicate experiences, best practices and lessons learned from the development and implementation of national adaptation plans (based on above) via a BP and LL platform under the LDC Portal Information Sharing Platform Years 1-2
    Prepare a technical paper, by LEG 20, on how medium- and long-term adaptation activities can be implemented in LDCs, taking into account processes of integrating adaptation into national development planning, including sector-wide and programmatic approaches Tech Paper Year 1
    Conduct regional training and workshops to share information and develop human resources in support of medium- and long-term adaptation activities, in close collaboration with relevant agencies and regional centres Training Workshop Years 1-2
Objective 3: Support and provide guidance on integration of gender and other considerations regarding vulnerable communities within LDCs Expected result: Access to practical guidance on addressing gender and other considerations of vulnerability in implementing the LDC WP has improved Develop a technical paper, based on existing material and case studies, on how to integrate gender and considerations regarding vulnerable communities in the design and implementation of activities under the LDC WP Tech Paper Years 1-2
    Analyse common vulnerabilities and practical solutions based on the NAPAs and other relevant sources to enrich dissemination of knowledge, best practices and lessons learned in addressing vulnerability and adaptation at different scales Compilation, Monitoring & Analysis  Years 1-2
Objective 4: Support the implementation of the LDC WP Expected result 1: LDCs are supported in establishing or strengthening national institutional arrangements Prepare an options paper on how national climate change secretariats can be established and supported in LDCs according to existing mandates for support under the LDCF (jointly with GEF & agencies) Tech Paper Year 2
  Expected result 2: Information sharing on development and transfer of adaptation technologies enhanced in LDCs Prepare a technical paper on the role and application of technology in the implementation of NAPAs in LDCs Tech Paper Years 1-2
  Expected result 3: Capacity of LDCs to collect, analyze, interpret and disseminate weather and climate date to support implementation of NAPAs is strengthened Explore modalities for NAPA adaptation projects to support national data collection and analysis, in conjunction with dialogue with the GEF and agencies and with NAPA teams Process Years 1-2
  Expected result 4: Enhance regional synergy and synergy with other programmes in support of implementation of the LDC WP  Promote the exchange of information and experiences on how to achieve synergy at the regional level Outreach Product Years 1-2
    Revise the LEG technical paper on promotion of regional synergy in the implementation of NAPAs and include consideration of other elements of the LDC WP Tech Paper Years 1-2
  Expected result 5: Relevant organizations, in particular regional centres, are mobilized for the benefit of LDC WP implementation and capacity development Use the LDC Portal as a platform for mobilizing and engaging a wide range of organizations and institutions in supporting the implementation of the LDC and LEG work programmes  Network Development Years 1-5
Objective 5: Provide support to LDC Parties in the preparation, revision and update of NAPAs Expected result 1: LDCs yet to submit a NAPA are supported in preparing their NAPA, and are able to quickly embark on implementation, building upon experience and lessons learned by other LDCS Closely monitor the preparation process of those LDCs yet to submit a NAPA and provide, directly, immediate advice on emerging issues as required, in collaboration with the GEF and agencies Direct Tech Support Years 1-2
    For those without a NAPA and an initial national communication, work with the CGE to conduct a special case study on how the two can be developed in a coordinated manner Case Study Years 1-2
  Expected result 2: LDCs are assisted in the update and revision of their NAPAs Identify best practices, develop updated guidelines for the preparation, revision and update of NAPAs accordingly, also considering the need for sector specific approaches and taking into account issues of medium and long-term adaptation Guidelines Years 1-2
    Respond to individual requests for support in the preparation, revision and update of NAPAs, including through provision of comments and feedback on draft NAPAs and draft revised and updated NAPAs Direct Tech Support Years 1-5
    Develop updated guidelines for the preparation, revision and update of NAPAs, taking into account identified best practices and lessons learned, and the possible application of sector-specific and programmatic approaches, and issues of medium-and long-term adaptation Technical paper Year
Objective 6: Outreach on the NAPA and on the work of the LEG ( including knowledge capture, management and dissemination) Expected result: Outputs from the work of the LEG are widely and effectively captured and disseminated to LDCs and others Share experiences, best practices and lessons learned from the LDC WP to the UN LDC IV Conference in May 2011 Outreach Product Year 1
    Enhance the LDC Portal to serve as the main knowledge base for information on the work of the LEG and the NAPA projects and their implementation Information Sharing Platform Years 1-5
    Develop a training and outreach package for use at the national level for local trainers to use in training all stakeholders involved in the NAPA process, focusing on NAPA implementation and revision/ update of NAPAs Outreach Product Years 1-2
    Conduct/support side events at SB/COP sessions and other relevant forums to promote exchange of information with Parties on matters relating to LDCs Outreach Product Years 1-5
Objective 7: Support of coherence and synergy of adaptation related efforts under the Convention Expected result: Work of the LEG is enhanced through cooperation with the CGE and other bodies under the Convention Exchange work programmes and information to encourage identification of synergy between the work of the two groups including on efforts to collect data from LDC Parties Network Development Years 1-5
    Develop linkages with, and outreach to other bodies and programmes on the LDC work programme to improve understanding and avoid policies and procedures that unfairly disadvantage access by LDCs to other forms of support (such as the Adaptation Fund, Adaptation Committee and the TEC) for the implementation of the LDC work programme Network Development Years 1-5
     Invite CGE to collaborate in case studies on joint preparation of adaptation plans in LDCs that have yet to prepare their initial national communications, to promote synergy and scaling up, and efficiency in addressing planning needs under various activities under the Convention Case Study  Years 1-2

Work Programme of the LEG (2012 and 2013)

The work programme of the LEG for 2012 and 2013 is contained in document FCCC/SBI/2012/7. The detailed version is available here.

Work Programme of the LEG  under its previous mandate (2008-2010) 

The completed work programme of the LEG for 2008-2010 is contained in document FCCC/SBI/2008/6. The key priority activities of this completed work programme is available here.

Last updated:  14 May 2012