Information on the participation of Chilean NGOs at COP25

 The following page provides information on the participation of Chilean NGOs at COP25:

In accordance with Article 7, paragraph 6 of the UNFCCC Convention, Parties to the Convention, United Nations and related organizations and agencies, media and already admitted non-profit observer organizations may attend the sessions of the Convention. Conferences are not open to the public.

If your organization is not admitted, i.e. does not carry official observer status with the UNFCCC and you have missed the deadline for admission, or if your organization is not eligible for admission, the representatives of your organization have the option of being nominated and confirmed to attend sessions by already-admitted observer organizations who agree to include your observers in their delegations.

For Chilean NGOs, a special procedure has been put in place to enable enhanced access to Chilean NGOs which are not admitted as observers in the UNFCCC process. The Secretariat, with support from the Government of Chile and the already admitted observer constituency focal points, will help identify organizations that can help support the participation of Chilean NGOs at COP25 exclusively.

In order to facilitate this, the Secretariat has made an online form available (in English).  Chilean NGOs who wish to actively participate at COP25 and enter in the “Blue Zone” are kindly requested to fill out this online form, submitting relevant details and providing supporting documentation, at the latest by 25 August 2019. Please note that the submission can only be processed in English.


Spanish: (please note that responses should be submitted in English).

Once your submission is received by the above deadline, the Secretariat and Government of Chile will undertake a short assessment and notify the applicants accordingly.

The application process will have the following steps and timeframes:

  1. Applicants will apply for admission through the online form provided above from August 7 to August 25 2019.
  2. The UNFCCC Secretariat will review the applications received, with feedback from the COP25 Presidency’s team from August 26 to September 15.
  3. The admitted applicants will be sent to their selected constituency or organization’s focal points in order to obtain accreditation badges for COP25
  4. Focal points will distribute additional passes to the selected local NGOs  as per the applicable timelines for registration and latest by November 15, 2019.


Application Process for Chilean NGOs to Participate at COP25


Please note that all organizations participating in the COP25 are responsible for ensuring that their delegates adhere to all UNFCCC guidelines. Chilean NGOs submitting participation requests are responsible for ensuring compliance. Please find the links to our guidelines below:

Participation Guidelines:

Guidelines for Media and Use of Cameras:

Security Guidelines: