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Journalist Training, COM+ 2nd


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Journalist Training, COM+  

Participants at the COM+
Participants at the COM+

Presentations at the Special Program for Journalists UN Preparatory Meetings on Climate Change

Speaker / Theme


Prospects for a Low Carbon World


Global Energy Use from Now to 2030
Barbara Buchner, International Energy Agency, Administrator, Energy, Efficiency and Environment Division

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New Financial Flows: The UNFCCC's Investment and Financial Flows Project
Maria Netto, Financial and Technical Support Program, UNFCCC

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The World Bank’s Clean Energy for Development Framework
Joëlle Chassard, Manager, Carbon Finance Unit, the World Bank

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The Role of the Private Sector
Andrei Marcu, President and CEO, the International Emissions Trading Association, IETA

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Yoshi Tachibana, Sustainability Advisor to the Board, Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), Energy and Climate Delegate, World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)

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Other issues key to a post-2012 agreement


Promise of Technology—Solutions?
Bill Kyte, Advisor on Sustainable Development and Climate Change at E.ON, and Chairman of the EURELECTRIC Environment & Sustainable Development Committee.

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Adaptation – What has to happen?
Ian Noble, World Bank, Olga Pilifosova, Programme Officer with UNFCCC's Adaptation, Technology and Science Programme


The Power of the Market


The Basics: The Carbon Market from A – Z (State and Trends)
Karan Capoor, Senior Financial Specialist, the World Bank, co-author State and Trends of the Carbon Market 2007

Presentation (139 kB)

The Clean Development Mechanism – the Why and How
David Abbass UNFCCC CDM Information Officer

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Perspective from the Developing World
Eduardo Reyes, Chair Carbon Finance Host Country Committee

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Trading Regimes and Markets


World Bank Experience: Potential of the Flexible Mechanisms
Johannes Heister, Carbon Finance Unit, the World Bank

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Nick Campbell, Chair, Climate Change Working Group, Business Europe

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The Voluntary Market
Edwin Aalders, Director, International Emissions Trading Association IETA


What’s at Stake in Bali?


Why the December Conference is so Important: the Status of Negotiations (the launch of negotiations at Bali and what is required for that to happen)
Yvo de Boer, Executive Secretary, UNFCCC

Presentation (890 kB)

A New Vision of Forests


Deforestation - what’s at stake?
Maria Sanz-Sanchez UNFCCC Secretariat, Adaptation, Technology and Science Programme

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Tackling the Big Issues – New Directions for Carbon Sequestration and Avoided Deforestation
Kevin Conrad, Ambassador and Special Envoy on Environment and Climate Change Permanent Mission of Papua New Guinea to the United Nations; Coalition of Rainforest Nations

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