Information material for the 2013-2015 review

The review was conducted based on scientific information relevant to the 2°C goal from various sources. The main sources of the information were (2/CP.17 para 161):

  • The assessment and special reports and technical papers of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change;

  • Submissions from Parties, national communications (Annex I, Non-Annex I), first biennial update reports from developing country Parties and biennial reports from developed country Parties, national inventories, reports on international consultation and analysis, international analysis and review, and other relevant reports from Parties and processes under the Convention;

  • Other relevant reports from United Nations agencies and other international organizations, including reports on emission projections, technology development, access, transfer and deployment, and reports on gross domestic product, including projections;

  • Scientific information on the observed impacts on climate change, including that from reports coordinated by relevant regional and sub-regional agencies.

 Background material for the review

The following information was made available to inform understanding of the scientific findings relating to the 2°C goal. All presentations were made at UNFCCC process (e.g., technical briefing of AR5, workshops, dialogues, events under research dialogue, and SBSTA-IPCC events).