NAPA lesson 5
The LEG was designed to advise LDC Parties in the preparation and implementation of their NAPAs. Parties have expressed great satisfaction at the work of the LEG, and this is due, in part, to the regular interaction with Parties to identify obstacles and develop solutions. The regular interaction with LDC Parties through side events and surveys, as well as face-to-face meetings, has resulted in many obstacles to the NAPA process being resolved, including very specific issues for a given country.

The LEG provided additional assistance by producing the Annotated Guidelines for the Preparation of National Adaptation Programmes of Action  (2002), followed by a global workshop to launch the NAPA preparation process (2002) and four regional training workshops on the preparation of NAPAs (2003). The workshops were designed to equip NAPA teams with hands-on tools for preparing NAPAs using the LEG Annotated Guidelines and to facilitate the exchange of experiences.

Responding to the request of the LDCs, the LEG also put together a training module and undertook five regional training workshops aimed at supporting the LDCs in the design, preparation and submission of project proposals, and addressing barriers and challenges faced by the LDCs in accessing funding under the LDCF, as well as strategies to enhance NAPA implementation. The training was based on the Step-by-Step Guide for Implementing National Adaptation Programmes of Action  and the five regional workshops were organized based on regional needs and language considerations. They were conducted in close collaboration with the GEF, its agencies and regional and national centres of excellence in each of the target regions.

The LEG is composed of a mix of experts from different disciplines and countries, each bringing unique contributions to the group. Since its constitution in 2001, the LEG has served four mandates, for the periods 2002-2003, 2004-2005, 2006-2007 and 2008-2010.
Best practice: The regular interaction between the LEG and Parties during side events and through surveys, as well as with the GEF and its agencies, has created a useful bridge between all stakeholders in the NAPA process and has led to many difficulties being resolved to facilitate the smooth preparation and implementation of NAPAs. The diverse membership in the LEG has also contributed to balanced support being given to LDC Parties, building on the individual expertise and experience of each and every member. 


Lessons learned: The LEG Annotated Guidelines for the Preparation of National Adaptation Programmes of Action have proven to be very useful in providing further explanation of the steps involved in the preparation process. Examples developed by the LEG, guidebooks and technical papers on NAPAs have been very well received by Parties, as well as the regional workshops, which provided LDCs with the opportunity to clarify their doubts and exchange experiences with other countries.

Translating the Step-by-Step Guide for Implementing National Adaptation Programmes of Action into French and Portuguese, as well as providing workshops in these two languages, was an effort that was also very well received by the francophone and lusophone LDC Parties, as it allowed some of the officers and stakeholders involved in NAPA activities to gain a better understanding of the process. 


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