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 Best practice and lesson 1 NAPAs are widely viewed as a success storyBest practice and lesson 2 The NAPA approach allows countries flexibility in design and implementationBest practice and lesson 3Engaging stakeholders from the NAPA preparation stage in implementation and other subsequent steps has many advantagesBest practice and lesson 4Envisioning the involvement of NAPA teams in the long term helps raise awareness and ensures the continuity of adaptation programmes and activities in the countryBest practice and lesson 5Regular interaction between the LEG and the LDCs have been useful Best practice and lesson 6Good relations with the GEF agency result in smoother implementation of NAPA projectsBest practice and lesson 7Designing a thorough implementation strategy can improve the effectiveness of the NAPA implementationBest practice and lesson 8The simplified LDCF project cycle provides expedited access to resourcesBest practice and lesson 9Adaptation planning with an initial focus on urgent and immediate needs can capitalize on existing knowledge