Joint event on integrating indigenous and local knowledge into adaptation action

The Conference of the Parties, at its 24th session (COP 24), encouraged the Facilitative Working Group (FWG) of the Local Communities and Indigenous Peoples Platform (LCIPP) to collaborate with other bodies under and outside the Convention.

An informal open dialogue took place, in June 2019, between representatives of constituted bodies. The representatives explored synergistic collaborative opportunities with the LCIPP. This event marks the first joint effort by the FWG of the LCIPP, Adaptation Committee (AC), Least Developed Countries Expert Group (LEG), and the Nairobi Work Programme (NWP).

This joint event will provide an opportunity for the participants to exchange experiences and help enhance the integration of indigenous and local knowledge into climate adaptation action. The effort to integrate diverse knowledge systems into climate action will be done in a manner that aligns well with the mandates of the three constituted bodies and the NWP, and with a view to providing space for collective learning and enhancing the coherence of actions under the UNFCCC.

Event Details
Date 4 December 2019, 18:30 - 20:30
Room 13
Hall 9
Venue COP 25 venue IFEMA
City Madrid
Country Spain


Provisional Agenda
18:30 - 18:45
  • Ceremony
  • Opening remarks by the FWG
18:45 - 19:30

Session I: the knowledge of indigenous peoples and local knowledge systems related to climate change adaptation, and the challenges associated with their responsible dissemination


19:30 - 20:15

Session II: Pathways to integrating indigenous knowledge and local knowledge systems within adaptation action


20:15 - 20:30

Closing remarks by the FWG



Remote Participation

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