COP 21 - Decisions


Body Decision Title Versions
COP 1/CP.21 Adoption of the Paris Agreement EN SP FR CH AR RU
COP 2/CP.21 Warsaw International Mechanism for Loss and Damage associated with Climate Change Impacts EN SP FR CH AR RU
COP 3/CP.21 Report of the Adaptation Committee EN SP FR CH AR RU
COP 4/CP.21 National adaptation plans EN SP FR CH AR RU
COP 5/CP.21 Long-term climate finance EN SP FR CH AR RU
COP 6/CP.21 Report of the Standing Committee on Finance EN SP FR CH AR RU
COP 7/CP.21 Report of the Green Climate Fund to the Conference of the Parties and guidance to the Green Climate Fund EN SP FR CH AR RU
COP 8/CP.21 Report of the Global Environment Facility to the Conference of the Parties and guidance to the Green Climate Fund EN SP FR CH AR RU
COP 9/CP.21 Methodologies for the reporting of financial information by Parties included in Annex I to the Convention EN SP FR CH AR RU
COP 10/CP.21 The 2013–2015 review EN SP FR CH AR RU
COP 11/CP.21 Forum and work programme on the impact of the implementation of response measures EN SP FR CH AR RU
COP 12/CP.21 Enhancing climate technology development and transfer through the Technology Mechanism EN SP FR CH AR RU
COP 13/CP.21 Linkages between the Technology Mechanism and the Financial Mechanism of the Convention EN SP FR CH AR RU
COP 14/CP.21 Capacity-building under the Convention EN SP FR CH AR RU
COP 15/CP.21 Terms of reference for the intermediate review of the Doha work programme on Article 6 of the Convention EN SP FR CH AR RU
COP 16/CP.21 Alternative policy approaches, such as joint mitigation and adaptation approaches for the integral and sustainable management of forests EN SP FR CH AR RU
COP 17/CP.21 Further guidance on ensuring transparency, consistency, comprehensiveness and effectiveness when informing on how allt he safeguards referred to in decision 1/CP.16, appendix I, are being addressed and respected EN SP FR CH AR RU
COP 18/CP.21 Methodological issues related to non-carbon benefits resulting from the implementation of the activities referred to in decisio 1/CP.16, paragraph 70 EN SP FR CH AR RU
COP 19/CP.21 Extension of the mandate of the Least Developed Countries Expert Group EN SP FR CH AR RU
COP 20/CP.21 Technical review in 2016 of greenhouse gas inventories from Parties included in EN SP FR CH AR RU
COP 21/CP.21 Administrative, financial and institutional matters EN SP FR CH AR RU
COP 22/CP.21 Programme budget for the biennium 2016–2017 EN SP FR CH AR RU
COP 23/CP.21 Dates and venues of future sessions EN SP FR CH AR RU
COP Resolution 1/CP.21 Expression of gratitude to the Government of the French Republic and the people of the city of Paris EN SP FR CH AR RU