What is Action for Climate Empowerment?

Action for Climate Empowerment (ACE) is a term adopted by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) to denote work under Article 6 of the Convention (1992) and Article 12 of the Paris Agreement.

The over-arching goal of ACE is to empower all members of society to engage in climate action, though education, training, public awareness, public participation, public access to information, and international cooperation on these issues.

Implementation of all six focus areas is crucial to the global response to climate change. Everyone, including and perhaps especially the young, must understand and participate in the transition to a low-emission, climate-resilient world.

Sustainable lifestyles, sustainable patterns of consumption and production, are fundamental to reducing greenhouse emissions and enhancing resilience to the inevitable effects of climate change. Success will require broad collaboration between all levels of government and all sectors of society.

More about Action for Climate Empowerment:

National Focal Points for Action for Climate Empowerment

National Focal Points for ACE: the role of the National Focal Point for ACE is to foster the implementation of all ACE elements at the national level. ACE National Focal Points may have different political, technical and organizational responsibilities according to the national circumstances.

Negotiations on Action for Climate Empowerment

Relevant information regarding negotiations, decisions, conclusions and reports related to Action for Climate Empowerment can be found here

Dialogues on Action for Climate Empowerment

Dialogues on Action for Climate Empowerment: the Dialogues provide a regular forum where Parties and other stakeholders share their experiences, exchange ideas, good practices and lessons learned on the implementation of ACE.

ACE Day and other events at COPs

ACE Day and other events at COPs: the high-level event, during ACE Day at COPs, brings together ministers of environment and education as well as non-Party stakeholders to discuss how to raise ambition and foster implementation of the Paris Agreement through Action for Climate Empowerment.

Global Youth Video Competition

Global Youth Video Competition: the annual Global Youth Video Competition is a means for youth from around the world to showcase their actions to combat climate change. The Competition provides youth a platform to share their successes and inspire other youth and policymakers.

Young and Future Generations Day at COPs

Young and Future Generations Day at COPs: the world today is home to the largest generation of young people in history, 1.8 billion. Connected to each other like never before, young people are leading climate action by implementing mitigation and adaptation projects, proposing innovative solutions, driving social progress and inspiring political change, in urban as well as rural contexts. The Young and Future Generations Day at COPs showcases and celebrates youth climate action through multiple activities.