Technical Analysis of biennial update reports under the ICA process


The technical analysis (TA) of the biennial update reports (BURs) submitted by non-Annex I Parties is the first step of the international consultation and analysis (ICA) process. 

A team of technical experts (TTE) will conduct a technical analysis of the BURs submitted by non-Annex I Parties, and any additional technical information that may be provided by the Party concerned.

The technical analysis under the ICA process aims to increase the transparency of the mitigation actions and their effects; discussion on the appropriateness of such domestic policies and measures is not part of the process.

Mandate for TTE:

  • Identifying the extent to which the elements of information listed in paragraph 3(a) of the modalities and guidelines for ICA (Annex IV to decision 2/CP.17) are included in the BUR of the Party concerned;
  •  Undertaking a technical analysis of information contained in the BUR as outlined in the UNFCCC biennial update reporting guidelines for Parties not included in Annex I to the Convention and any additional technical information that may be provided by the Party concerned;
  •  Identifying, in consultation with the Party concerned, capacity-building needs in order to facilitate reporting in accordance with annex III to decision 2/CP.17, and participating in international consultation and analysis in accordance with annex IV to decision 2/CP.17, taking into account Article 4, paragraph 3, of the Convention.

The technical analysis will result in an individual summary report for each BUR submitted and analysed.  The summary report will be noted by the SBI in its conclusions and shall be made publicly available on the UNFCCC website.


TTE conducts the technical analysis of the submitted BURs during the TA week.  After this week, the TTE shall:

1. Complete a draft summary report within three months after the start of the technical analysis;
2. Party concerned to review and comment on the draft summary report (within 3 months from the time the draft summary report has been shared);
3. TTE to incorporate comments from the Party concerned (within 3 months from the time the Party concerned provided its comments) and finalizes the report in consultation with the Party concerned.  The published summary reports for outcome cycle 1 can be found here and for outcome cycle 2 here.

Technical analysis


The summary report of the technical analysis will serve as the input for the Facilitative Sharing of Views.

Rounds of technical analyses

The first round of submission of BURs by non-annex I Parties began in December 2014 and the first round of technical analysis started in May 2015, and thereafter as a continuous process, with an individual summary report being prepared by the TTE, for each Party that is analysed.
In November 2016, the second round of submissions (second BUR) began.  All the technical analysis rounds can be found here.