Announcement / 16 Sep, 2019
Capacity-Building in the Spotlight at COP25

Call for Expressions of Interest to support the organization of a capacity-building event at COP25

Are you a member of an intergovernmental organization, a national, local or municipal government, private sector, scientific organization, academia and/or a non-governmental organization and attending the UN Climate Change Conference this December in Santiago, Chile? And do you work specifically on capacity-building to support climate action? Join the Paris Committee on Capacity-building as a partner and organize a panel discussion, workshop, exhibition or any other type of event related to capacity-building at the COP!

It is clear that not all countries have sufficient capacity to deal with many of the challenges of climate change. Building the capacity specially of developing countries to effectively adapt, mitigate and raise climate ambition has long been recognized and highlighted by governments, through the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, its Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement.

The Paris Committee on Capacity-building was established in 2015 with the unique mandate to help developing countries identify needs and gaps in capacity-building and to promote active engagement with a wide range of stakeholders to increase the impact of capacity-building itself. The committee hosted the 1st Capacity-building Hub which took place during the UN Climate Change Conference COP24 in Poland last year where over 130 experts from approximately 90 institutions were part of over 40 events and 190 activities on topics related to capacity-building.

This year, capacity-building will be in the spotlight during COP25, and your organization can be part of it by participating in the 2nd Capacity-building Hub! The 2nd Capacity-building Hub will be arranged through various focus days such as Capacity-building Day, Cities and Local Governments Day, Means of Implementation Day (focusing on climate services), Transparency Day and Capacity-building Knowledge to Action Day. On 16 August 2019, the Paris Committee on Capacity-building opened a Call for Expressions of Interest to organize a session at the 2nd Capacity-building Hub. Apply by 22 September and help us raise awareness on the importance of capacity-building for climate action and as a key tool for raising ambition!