Momentum for Change Management of Wetlands and Wetland Resources in Uganda


Focus areas: Mitigation; Adaptation
Location: multiple districts in Uganda
Established: July 2012

The activity's goals are: to mitigate climate change by making use of alternative power sources such as solar and bio gas, and to introduce energy-efficient stoves and other energy-saving equipment in the host communities order to reduce the cutting of trees for charcoal. The activity also aims to:

  • Promote conservation and sustainable use of wetlands and their resources in urban areas in Uganda;

  • Ensure water catchment conservation and flood control;

  • Ensure sustainable use of wetlands for ecological and touristic purposes for the common good;

  • Promote production of environment conservation enterprises such as bee keeping and tree nursery business;

  • Enhance research and research related activities in the area of wetlands management.

As a result of the activity, the Ministry of Water and Environment has ended and withdrawn all licenses issued out to companies dealing in timber as a result of the activity's campaign to preserve nature. Moreover the National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) and the Ministry of Water have started demarcating all wetland in Uganda and discouraging settlement in such areas. Communities have been trained to avoid uncontrolled cutting of trees, encroaching on wetlands and bush burning and to discourage others from unsustainable fishing methods.

Alternative power sources such as solar and bio gas have been adopted into use.

Mitigation / Adaptation

The activity makes an important contribution to mitigation through action to increase sustainable use of wetlands in Uganda.

Social and environmental benefits

Women have been trained on conservation and sustainable use of wetlands, empowering them to lead the conservation efforts in their communities.
Job creation in conservation enterprises has been supported.

Potential for scaling-up and replication

The multi-dimensional approach, including awareness-raising and training, sustainable job promotion and research on wetland management provides a basis for the activity to be scaled up and/or replicated in the future to extend its impact.

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