Delhi Greens Blog – India

The Delhi Greens Blog provides environmental information to the citizens of Delhi, India. By acting as a portal for green news, events, and activities in the capital region, the blog is at the forefront of the Indian and global environmental movement. Driven by youth, the Delhi Greens Blog combines information with technology, working to transform the citizens of Delhi into more informed and more responsible citizens through environmental education.

Fast facts:

  • Delhi Greens Blog project has been under implementation for the past six years;

  • Three staff members;

  • Winner of the Indian Blogger Awards for the category environment.

The problem

Although climate change is likely to harm all sectors of society, urban areas contribute disproportionately to greenhouse gas emissions, while also facing huge challenges from the adverse impacts of climate change. It is therefore essential that people living in cities be informed about climate change in order to be able to appropriately adjust their carbon-intensive lifestyles.

Information and communications technology is an invaluable tool for making this happen. But a key barrier in the adoption of ICT to address climate change is a lack of environmental awareness. Despite the availability of the technological know-how in India, such tools are underutilized in addressing climate change.

The solution

The Delhi Greens Blog project is connecting the people of Delhi to information about the natural environment. The project has alerted Delhi citizens to the degradation of natural resources, and also informed them regarding innovative ways for protecting those resources. Through creative writing and strategic timing, it is ensured that such information reaches citizens with the greatest possible impact.

Schools and colleges are approached to assess the project, which also trains urban youth in using ICT. Through a membership scheme, youth can join the Delhi Greens Blog project, and also become stakeholders. They help determine what environmental issues to highlight, and how. The project is funded through advertisements, as well as by organizing ICT and environmental workshops at educational institutions and other citizen-based associations. The project also receives public donations.

Helping the planet

Increased environmental awareness among citizens including localized information on environment degradation and links to climate change can cause changes in behavior. This can also incite people to pressure governments to take the necessary actions regarding climate change and other environmental issues.

Helping people

The membership scheme enables greater engagement of the community in addressing issues that are important to them. Awareness generated by the project can lead to an improved urban experience and a city that is better-prepared for the adverse effects of climate change.

Scaling up

The Delhi Greens Blog project has already helped many other groups, organizations, and individuals to adopt a similar ICT strategy for their respective causes and initiatives. Demonstrating its natural growth, the project is being reengineered into a Green Media Network, which will be a pan-India network of green blogs highlighting environmental issues and generating environmental awareness. An attempt to replicate the program in northeast India is already underway. The Delhi Greens Blog has also partnered with the Delhi government’s environment department for social media support. Further partnerships are underway, assuring that the project continues to grow.


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