Action Hub Events at COP24

The COP 24 Presidency has built an Amphitheatre – directly within the main COP24 site (see map) – that will be situated in a prime location between the entrance/registration area and the formal plenary rooms.  This area will be utilized as a dynamic events-space – suitable for staging digital events, talk-shows, launch and announcement events, film screenings, competition winners, on-the-sofa style discussions.

The purpose of the Action Hub is to provide a space to showcase and appraise climate action initiatives. In the spirit of the Talanoa dialogue, the Hub will provide a central scene that is inclusive, participatory and transparent, which COP24 will revolve around.

All events are webcast live and the videos are also made available on-demand after the events.

Action Hub Agenda


Monday 3 December

15.15 Action Hub Opening with Michał Kurtyka, Arnold Schwarzenegger & Hindou Ibrahim
16.30 An Urgent Correction of Our Moral Path - It's now or Never
19.00 Music of Katowice

Tuesday 4 December 

10.00 Socio-Economic Benefits of the Energy Transition IRENA will be hosting an interactive conversation, involving the audience. The discussion will consult the topics of employment, education, energy access, reduced air pollution and the potential of GDP growth during the Energy transition.
11.00 The Future of Food in the Face of Climate Change FAO will be presenting a dynamic exchange of perspectives between a Farmer and a Wholesaler. The floor will be open to the audience, stimulating an engaging and lively examination on the future of food in our changing climate

Voluntary climate action at national level: the example of Huella Chile 

The Ministry of Environment of Chile is inviting companies and organizations to voluntarily measure, reduce and compensate their GHG emissions as a way to support emission reductions at national level. Join us to learn about the approach, the participants, and the opportunities
16.00 No Trace Expedition 2019: around the world by electric car

This event will reveal information about the planned 2019 expedition around the world by electric car.

17.00 Far West Film: Solar Impulse Bertrand Piccard, the explorer, aviator and initiator of Solar Impulse will be presenting and screening excerpts of the documentary Point of No Return. The film follows the journey of two Swiss pilots as they make an historic attempt to circumnavigate the globe in an airplane fuelled exclusively by sunlight.

Wednesday 5 December 

10.00 Energy Harvesting AEINNOVA presents a talk show and prototype demonstration discussing the techniques of energy harvesting and showing new recovery options and its applicability in industry
11.00 The Merchants of Doubt: Debunking the myths of the energy transition Using a mélange of video, audio clips and animations, Kingsmill Bond will debunk 5 or 6 ‘myths of the energy transition’. He will explain why these myths are wrong and contrast them with the reality, casting light on the merchants of doubt.
12.00 Youth-Led solutions that address Water Related Climate Change Challenges UNESCO will present a talkshow with youth from Indonesia, Chad, France and Mexico to discuss youth-led solution to address water related climate change challenges. The panel will also explore the opportunities available to youth for meaningful engagement in the climate change negotiation processes
13.00 How One Schoolgirl Has Inspired the World Dialogue with Greta Thunberg – the schoolgirl who, following Sweden’s hottest summer ever, decided to go on school strike at the parliament to get politicians to act on climate change
15.00 Solar Impulse Solutions Through a “speed-dating” format solar Impulse will be presenting some of their 1000 innovative solutions that will protect the environment in a profitable way
17.00 Protecting the Arctic: The Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary (MAPS) A dynamic and captivating multimedia presentation from, presenting the profoundly practical, effective an immediate solution to protecting the Arctic Ocean from exploitation. The Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary (MAPS) presentation aims to inspire, educate and empower the audience
19.00 Music of Katowice: come and listen to Etnos Ensemble!

Thursday 6 December

09.00 Launch: Nature Commentary

Showcasing the launch of a new landmark Nature commentary including the new Global Carbon Project's 2018 emissions estimates on the same day, with joint authorship between Christiana Figueres and Corrine LeQuere. The event will feature Ms. LeQuere along with other co-signatories taking questions from the audience.

10.00 Opening Young and Future Generations Day The Young and Future Generations Day (YFGD) opening session provides a space for youth to showcase their activities, outline their expectations for YFGD and COP24, and engage in dialogue with stakeholders and representatives from the UN and beyond.
11.00 The way to clean and safe Energy ITER will be presenting a video-supported “TED-style” talk on the benefits and potential of fusion energy as a clean and safe energy source
12.00 Let there be Light - Feature Documentary

This fascinating documentary about the quest for nuclear fusion as a silver bullet for the world's energy thirst is at the same time informative and entertaining!

13.00 Village of Hope The Rockies Institute will be heading a multi-faceted media presentation on the process for braiding indigenous and scientific expert knowledge on adaptation. The session will present highlights from the Village of Hope that brought IPCC scientists together with indigenous knowledge experts on climate adaption. The sessions will also consider their next project which aims to address wildfires
14.00 Solar Impulse Solutions Through a “speed-dating” format solar Impulse will be presenting some of their 1000 innovative solutions that will protect the environment in a profitable way
15.00 Guinness World Record: over 100 000 Climate Change Cards This event will present the initiative and results of the world’s largest composed postcard with most contributions pertaining climate change commitments and messages by children and youth from all over the world
16.00 Concrete Low-Emission Building Material in Circular Economy

Concrete will be showcased as a building material of the best potential in CO2 reduction, its role in circular economy and in adapting to climate change. In the cement and concrete manufacturing process alternative materials such as fly ash, a by-product of coal-fired power plants, and ground granulated blast furnace slag from steel production can be recycled. Co-processing of alternative fuels in the cement industry is another very energy efficient waste management solution. 

17.00 Talanoa Talk: Jennifer Wilcox

Jen Wilcox holds the Manning Chaired Professorship in the Chemical Engineering Department at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Her research focuses on carbon capture from point-source emissions to the atmosphere. She has served on a number of committees including the National Academy of Sciences and the American Physical Society to assess carbon capture methods and impacts on climate. She is the author of the first textbook on carbon capture, published in March 2012. She also gave a TED talk on Direct Air Capture in August 2018 in Vancouver, Canada.

18.00 Youth Climate Action Video Awards

The event celebrates two young, talented and environmentally minded leaders from India and Mexico who won the 2018 Global Youth Video Competition on Climate Change with their climate action video reports.

19.00 Music of Katowice: Tonight, Max Bravura will play at the Action Hub!

Friday 7 December 

09.00 The +1s, the essence of being a transformational agent LIBELULA are showcasing a multi-media event, combining videos, music, talks and game dynamics to address the question of “how to move thinking to bold exponential climate action”. The event will introduce the audience to the +1 community; a community of transformation that add positive actions to the world
10.00 Countries, Cities and Companies working together to decarbonise transport The Transport Decarbonisation Alliance (TDA) will present how this unique collaboration of ambitious stakeholders are working together to accelerate the decarbonisation of a sector with fast rising emissions.
11.00 MP Transport: How to include transport in NDCs This “How-to-event” will showcase transport experts demonstrating how to integrate transport measures into future National Determined Contributions


Green Footprints

Young participants in "ZOOM - Kids on the Move for Climate Action" campaign collected “Green Footprints” by taking climate action – such as making climate-friendly trips to school, saving energy in their classrooms, choosing local food or recyclable school supplies. Over 2 two million children from 30 countries have participated in the campaign so far

13.00 Shared Mobility: The Power to Slash CO2 The International Transport Forum will be presenting a dynamic event, involving videos, data visualization and Q&A on the topic of shared mobility. The event will enlighten the audience on the importance of shared transport in reducing CO2 emissions
16.00 Uniting Action for Clean Air and Climate Protection

The event will demonstrate the necessity of synergy to maximise co-benefits and minimise trade-offs between these two policy domains which, at present, remain separate. Building on Polish experience, this session will look at some of the legal, policy and analytical issues involved in drawing the two domains more closely together in a 'One Atmosphere' strategy.

19.00 Music of Katowice: Nottoo Easy will be on stage at the Action Hub!

Saturday 8 December


Launch of inaugural Transport and Climate Change - Global Status Report

Launch of the new global status report on Transport and Climate Change
10.00 The regional approach on climate adaptation This interactive “How-to-event” will explore how regional governments can develop effective adaptation strategies taking in consideration the annual RegionsAdapt report. The event will welcome questions and engagement from the audience
11.00 Climate Change Adaptation in poor coastal communities in West Africa UN Habitat will be showcasing a moderated discussion with West African government representatives and local stakeholders. The event will enlighten the audience on the adaption initiatives for poor coastal communities in Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire

MP Human Settlements: Cities and regions leading just transition

Designed as "Town Hall" meeting and building on the spirit of "Talanoa Dialogue," a debate to highlight challenges and opportunities at the local level to address just transition with the participation of representatives of local and regional governments together with trade union, business and environmental stakeholders constituencies
14.00 MP Water: Ecosystem-based adaptation: coming together for water! A feature film screening, an interactive conversation and the launching of a new online platform, will all be aimed at addressing aquatic biodiversity. The event will remind the audience of the linkages between aquatic biodiversity and climate change, encouraging debate and reflection on the importance of ecosystem-based adaptation.
15.00 The Future of the Global Climate Action Portal (NAZCA) Charting the opportunities for the Global Climate Action portal and offering examples on how it could evolve.  Audience invited to submit questions through slido around linkage to SDGs and participation of the global south

Urban Pixels Project - Cleaner Air in the Cities & Vinci Power Nap - Revolution in Regeneration for Body and Mind

This project demonstrates how the alliance between cities can shape the future by delivering healthier, greener and sustainable urban development.
17.00 Water Shocks: the role of wetlands in climate resilience and human security Through a video presentation, a “TED-style” talk and a Q&A, Wetlands International will provide insights into the relationship between wetlands, resilience and human security. The event will highlight the importance of safeguarding and restoring our wetlands

Monday 10 December

09.00 Innovative solutions for climate risk insurance and social protection This session will consist of a media interview of the two winners of the partnership between A2R- Massachusetts Institute of Technology-MIT Climate CoLab and InsuResilience Global Partnership for the climate risk “Absorb contest”.  The winners will present their innovative proposals on climate risk insurances and allow for  Q@A from the audience.
10.00 MY World: Climate insights A presentation of the MYWorld global Citizen survey, which is a tool to hold governments and institutions accountable and making that sure every person has their say on SDG achievement. The interactive event will offer the audience the opportunity to explore the nearly 400 000 submissions
11.00 Building Climate Change resilience in informal settlements Two speakers will be highlighting the issues that exist on the interface of informal settlements and climate resilience. The event will address the topics of Climate Action for the informal economy, for informal settlements and in informal communities
12.00 MP industry: Business Innovation Accelerating Climate Action Through two “TED-style” talks delivered by industry leaders the importance of business innovation in accelerating climate action will be discuss. The event will have dedicated time for questions from the audience, aiming to create a lively debate regarding the role of business
13.00 The future of Business In this event two speakers will present short and engaging “TED-style” talks, including Nigel Topping the CEO of the We Mean Business coalition. The event will address the question: “is business ready to take on the full system transformation required for a zero-carbon future”.
14.00 Climate-smart accommodation: climate action in the hospitality sector This lively panel discussion will present the case for green hotels: climate friendly accommodation. The discussion will feature leaders from the tourist industry presenting examples of climate-friendly actions at hotels, as well as an introduction to the new EDGE tool
15.00 Momentum for Change Planetary Health Special Event Organized by the UN Climate Change secretariat’s Momentum for Change initiative, and supported by The Rockefeller Foundation, this event focuses on novel solutions by communities, cities, companies, NGOs, and other institutions that balance the need for healthy communities with the stewardship of natural ecosystems. This event will showcase the four winning activities of the 2018 Momentum for Change Climate Solutions Award under the Planetary Health focus area
16:00 Climate Show The Climate Show will be presenting a dynamic show about sustainable solutions and eco-innovations for climate protection.
17.00 Bordeaux 2050 A video showcase, wine dégustation and interactive talk addressing the Bordeaux 2050 initiative. The initiative showcases the negative potential of climate change by creating a wine that exemplifies the reality of a warming world
18.00 Climate Technology Centre & Network, Five Year Commemoration Event The event will host an interactive debate with high level participants in recognition of key technology transfer contributors, as well as video and photo montage of CTCN technology engagement around the world
20.15 Music of Katowice: Come and listen to Sami playing in the Action Hub!

Tuesday 11 December

09.00 COP23 Presidency: Musical Performance by Rako Pasefika As the Ministers gather for the Talanoa Dialogue, let the music and performance of Rako Pasefika transport you to the South Seas and put you in the talanoa spirit. 
10.00 Monitoring Possible Scenarios for Adaptation Planning A crucial part of adaptation planning and disaster risk reduction lies in the prediction and assessment of vulnerable areas. Only well-developed monitoring systems can bring valuable information to create possible scenarios to set up adaptation plans. Discussion.
11.00 Putting the World on Track: Visualizing a Roadmap to a Safer Climate The NRDC will be presenting a “TED-style” talk followed by an interactive discussion on the actions that can put the world on track for a 2° C or 1.5° C compatible pathway. The facilitated discussion will feature two experts and will encourage audience participation
12.00 Momentum for Change: Women for Results

This event brings together four innovative women climate leadership and empowerment projects from Syria, the United Kingdom, India, and Haiti.

13.00 Climate Champions linking  secure land rights and climate resiliency LANDESA, SWAGEN and APWLD will speak out on community-led actions and policy discussions to strengthen the climate resiliency of communities. Learn more about the synergies and linkages between secure land and resources rights with gender equality as critical pillars to climate resiliency.
13.45 Advancing gender equality through National Adaptation Plan (NAP) processes: A straightforward consideration or a complex challenge? “Integrating gender considerations in NAP processes is easy, we just aren’t trying hard enough”. Two gender and adaptation experts of the National Adaptation Plan (NAP) Global Network will argue against each other. You will decide on the debate’s winner and test their arguments.
14.15 Women’s Health in the Age of Climate Change – Stories from Malaysia and the Philippines A film screening featuring the voices of indigenous women from Sarawak, Malaysia and Mindoro, the Philippines about the hardship and challenges they face due to extreme weather events. This is then followed by a Q&A with Hwei Mian Lim of  the Asian-Pacific Resource and Research Centre for Women (ARROW) 
15.00 The Experience of Mainstreaming Gender into Climate Change Policy in the Republic of Serbia UN Women Serbia, in cooperation with the Ministry of Environmental Protection and UNDP are working to mainstream gender into climate policies, plans and actions, in line with the UNFCCC Gender Action Plan. Join this talk for concrete examples and demonstrations of climate action.
15.30 The Role of Matchmaking: Financing Feminist Climate Action A short video and TED-style talk exploring barriers to accessing finance via traditional public financing mechanisms will be followed by interventions from grassroots feminists leading solutions to climate action. WEDO, BothENDs and the Women and Gender Constituency are building capacity to scale and finance feminist climate solutions through existing structures.
16.30 Empowering the next generation of female negotiators, Women's participation and the importance of travel funds In an interactive debate, the Irish and Canadian Government together with WEDO will discuss governments' role in supporting women’s participation, the importance of female participation in decision making processes and the cost/benefit of (not) doing so.
17.15 “Rise” Aka Niviâna Aka  Niviâna presents “Rise” an art project and poem written by collaborating Indigenous voices from opposite sides of the world
18:00 Global Climate Action: Momentum for Change Showcase Event

The Global Climate Action: Momentum for Change Showcase Event is a moment of celebration to mark the end of the Global Climate Action activities at COP 24 and to recognize the 15 winners of the 2018 Momentum for Change Award. This event will feature an awards ceremony and a musical performance by cellist and storyteller, Ben Sollee.

21:15 Music of Katowice: Tonight the stage of the Action Hub belongs to Studio Sztama!

Wednesday 12 December

09.00 The SDG Global Action Hour: climate edition The event will feature a mixed media presentation and an in-person studio interview to showcase the huge momentum and political will happening around the world. The event aims to showcase the power of the collective in spurring forward the global climate movement
10.00 Momentum for Change: Climate Neutral Now Special Event

This event brings together four innovative climate neutrality projects from Canada, the United Kingdom, Norway, and Australia. These projects have committed to reducing and offsetting their greenhouse gas emissions.

11.00 Regional Climate Weeks 2019 Launch event for the Regional Climate Weeks to take place in 2019
12.00 Crowdsourcing SDG & Climate Action Stories: The new generation of media creators. The MY world 3600 project invited young people from around the world to develop digital skills and share their stories. At this event, young people from Katowice will present their short films, created to drive action for the SDGs
13.00 Climathon A dynamic event  by Climate-Kik 

Climate Resilience for the most Vulnerable

Through an “interview-style” panel the main findings and outcome of the roundtable on Climate Action and resilience will be presented. Topics such as meeting community priority needs, least developed countries, nature-based solutions and innovative risk-sensitive finance will be covered

Building Climate Resilience for Food Security and Nutrition

FAO will be hosting an “interview” style panel on the findings of the new  study on the state of food security and nutrition in the world. The event will enhance  the audience’s understanding of the link between climate and food, and demonstrate how climate resilience is essential to achieving zero hunger
16.00 How Machine Learning can Help Phase out Fossil Fuel Carbon Tracker will demonstrate a new tool, which has applied cutting-edge technology form Machine learning and satellite imagery, to show the economics of coal plants across the globe. The session will also involve a Q&A, encouraging the audience to explore how machine learning can be used to phase out fossil fuels
17.00 On thin ice: the Last Game at the North Pole A presentation of the Last Game Project of the UN Environment. The project  aims to host a symbolic ice hockey game, performed by various sports personalities from all over the world, spearheaded by legendary hockey player Viacheslav Fetisov. Viacheslav Fetisov and Niklas Hagelberg will be present to converse with the audience about the project
18.00 COP24 will echo with the Sound of Horns

State Forests announces a nature-inspired concert, as part of a series of cultural events organized during the COP24 Conference in Katowice. Sounds of horns will take the audience to the mysterious world of the forest and its denizens

19.00 Music of Katowice: Tonight come and listen to The Party Is Over! 

Thursday 13 December

09.00 Clean and Climate Smart Growth An open and dynamic conversation between the speakers and participants. It will include one or two short film screenings, followed by an interactive conversation between the OECD, NCE and audience
10.00 Momentum for Change: Financing for Climate Friendly Investment Special Event This event brings together three unique projects from across the globe to discuss their practical and scalable climate finance solutions
11.00 Climate Action starts at school

This event will showcase how schools are achieving real results in transitioning to climate neutrality, and making efforts in climate action worldwide. After the event, we invite all participants for a free veggie hot dog tasting. Carbon footprint of IKEA’s new veggie snack is approximately seven times lower than for the classic hot dog.

12.00 Ride With Us – Venice to Katowice by bike This event will tell you more about the initiative “Ride With Us” that started in 2014 to increase awareness on climate change through the use of bicycle. This is its fifth edition with 17 cyclists arriving in Katowice after 1,300 km
13.00 COP23 presidency: Let the music and performance of Rako Pasefika transport you to the South Seas
14.00 MP Energy. Driving the Energy Transition Through Innovation The International Renewable Energy Agency, drawing on its engagement with its global membership and its extensive analysis, will highlight how innovation is driving a rapid transition to a renewable-powered future
15.00 The Future is Now! Industry artistically involved  Event organized by the Muzeum Śląskie of Katowice
17.00 Empowering youth to take climate action This event will show how young people are implementing non-formal climate education worldwide
19.00 Music of Katowice: Tonight come and listen to Zoska!