Response measures models - PANTA-RHEI


Name and contact of the organization

GWS (Gesellschaft fuer Wirtschaftliche StrukturforschungmbH)

Heinrichstr. 30 D-49080 Osnabrueck, Germany

Tel: ++49-(541)-40933-0

Fax: ++49-(541)-40933-11

Description of model

PANTA RHEI provides a detailed treatment of Germany's economy, linked to energy use and atmospheric emissions.  The model is suitable for assessing changes in taxation policy and sectoral efficiency and has a detailed sectoral disaggregation.

The model is mainly used for:

  1. analysis of long-term changes in energy demand and supply and in an economy;

  2. estimating the impact of different climate policy instruments;

  3. forecast of energy  emissions.

Particular relevance

PANTA-RHEI is relevant in analysing the economic and trade impacts of mitigation policy in Germany.  The model's detail makes it suitable for looking at energy-efficiency policy and tax/subsidy schemes.



Model applications

Entwicklung der Flächeninanspruchnahme für Siedlung und Verkehr bis 2020 - Ergebnisse des regionalisierten Modells PANTA RHEI REGIO - PANTA RHEI is used to analyse  the development of land use for settlement and traffic by 2020.  Apart from outcomes for land use, the modelling results showed economic costs/benefits and possible GHG impacts (

Organization's main area of research

Analysis of changes of industry structures.

Other projects / reseach

INDI-LINK (Indicator-based evaluation of interlinkages between different sustainable development objectives) -  The INDI-LINK project further improves EU Sustainable Development Indicators, assesses the interlinkages between the different priorities of the renewed EU Sustainable Development Strategy (including energy, climate change and socio-economic development) and derives policy conclusions for its implementation (

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