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ZEW GmbH Centre for European Economic Research

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Description of model

PACE is a flexible system of general equilibrium models, integrating the economy, energy, and environment dimensions. The model has a standard multi-sector, multi-region core made up of global trade and energy use, which was designated to assess major policy initiatives in a world that is increasingly integrated through trade. Its main strength is its ability to assess the long-term economic and social impacts of environmental policy, particularly policy relating to shifts in taxation or subsidies and energy efficiency.

The model is mainly used for:

  1. economic analysis of energy and environmental policy initiatives;

  2. problem-specific investigation of trade, tax, and labour market policies without a focus on energy or environmental markets.

Particular relevance

The PACE model is used for analysing the socio-economic impacts of climate change mitigation policies, especially those that focus on technology.  The model can also be used for analysis of energy taxes and subsidies


12 World regions

Model applications

Policy analysis based on computable equilibrium -  The PACE model was used to analyse different policies for the German energy sector, including economic and environmental impacts(


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Economic policy consulting.

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