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Description of model

The Multi-Sector Multi-Region Trade (MS-MRT) model is a computable general equilibrium model designed to address questions about the economic and trade impacts of climate change policies. It's sectoral disaggregation makes it a suitable tool for considering diversification away from fuel-consuming and producing sectors. 

Particular relevance

The MS-MRT model is relevant in analysing the socio-economic impacts of climate change mitigation policies, with a focus on sectoral and trade-related impacts.  MS-MRT could also be useful for analysing economic diversification.


World, split into 7 regions

Model applications

Country reports and other papers which make use MS-MRT model outputs. The country reports contain detailed analysis of the economic impacts of the Kyoto Protocol on the chosen countries. The analysis is done using MS-MRT model results. ( go to papers and country reports)

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