Response measures models - MiniCAM


Name and contact of the organization

Joint Global Change Research Institute (PNNL)

University Research Court, Suite 3500,College Park, MD 20740, USA

Tel: ++1 301-314-6714

Description of model

GCAM is an integrated assessment model that focuses on the world's energy and agriculture systems and includes  numerous energy supply technologies.

The model is mainly used for:

  1. estimating the impacts of technologies and policies related to GHG emissions in a national and global context;

  2. evaluating different technologies, including carbon sequestration;

  3. and-use/ agriculture modelling; and 4) basic climate change modelling.

Particular relevance

GCAM is relevant to analysing the development of new environmentally-friendly technologies, as well as evaluating the performance of existing conventional ones. The model can also be useful when looking at the diffusion of technology across global regions.


World, split in 14 regions

Model applications

Income and Pollutant Emissions in the Objects GCAM Model - This paper examines the implications of the relationship between income and pollutant emission controls as modelled in GCAM, closely linking economic development to environmental outcomes  (

Organization's main area of research

Understanding the problems of global climate change and their potential solutions.

Other projects / reseach

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