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GWS  (Gesellschaft fuer Wirtschaftliche StrukturforschungmbH)

Heinrichstr. 30 D-49080 Osnabrueck, Germany

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Description of model

The Global INterindustry FORecasting System (GINFORS) is an economy-energy-environment model with global coverage and a detailed sectoral disaggregation. Through its integrated treatment of the environment, energy demand and the economy it is well-suited to assessing the impacts of environmental policy.  In particular, it has been used to look at the impacts of changes in taxation policy and changes in sectoral efficiencies.

The model is mainly used for:

  1. trade analysis;

  2. analysis of long-term changes in energy demand and supply and in an economy;

  3. forecast of carbon emissions .

Particular relevance

The GINFORS model is relevant in analysing the trade and long-term energy demand and supply impacts of climate change mitigation policies.  The model has specifically been used to assess the impacts of environmental taxation.


all EU27 countries, all OECD countries and their major trade partners

Model applications

MOSUS (Modelling Opportunities And Limits For Restructuring Europe Towards Sustainability) - This was a research project linking economic and environmental sustainable development strategies. GINFORS was created as part of the project (

Organization's main area of research

Analysis of changes of industry structures.

Other projects / reseach

INDI-LINK (Indicator-based evaluation of interlinkages between different sustainable development objectives) -  The INDI-LINK project further improves EU Sustainable Development Indicators, assesses the interlinkages between the different priorities of the renewed EU Sustainable Development Strategy (including energy, climate change and socio-economic development) and derives policy conclusions for its implementation (

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