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Name and contact of the organization

National Institute for Environmental Studies

16-2 Onogawa, Tsukuba-City, Ibaraki, 305-8506 Japan.


Description of model

The AIM (Asia Pacific Integrated Model)  is an integrated assessment model made up of  three modules: 1) the greenhouse gas emission model (AIM/emission); 2)  the global climate change model (AIM/climate); and 3) the climate change impact model (AIM/impact). The third of these makes the model relevant to assessing the response measures.  However, the model also contains a very detailed technology selection module to evaluate the effect of introducing advanced technologies in the Asia-Pacific region.

Particular relevance

The AIM model is particularly useful when analysing the development and diffusion of new 'greener' technologies in the Asia-Pacific region.



Model applications

AIM publications - The list includes journal articles, books and pamphlets.  (

Climate policy assessment - This book contains a series of climate change mitigation policy assessments done using the AIM model (

Organization's main area of research

Environment protection.

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