Cabacity building workshop on NAMAs


The COP at its 18th session in Doha requested the secretariat, in collaboration with intergovernmental organizations as well as relevant bodies under the Convention, to organize regional technical workshops to build capacity in the preparation, submission and implementation of NAMAs and as well as formulation of low emission development strategies.


To respond to request by Parties, the secretariat is organizing three regional workshops in 2013  to provide a space for Parties and practitioners to learn and share experiences on NAMAs.


Objective of UNFCCC regional workshops on NAMAs:


To facilitate the implementation of agreed outcome on NAMAs to ensure universal engagement of developing country Parties in the UNFCCC process through submission and implementation of NAMAs; 



Related key actions:

  • Provide technical support to build capacity of developing countries in preparation, submission and implementation of NAMAs through targeted regional and/or sub-regional capacity building events;
  • Facilitate exchange of best practices and lessons learnt in preparation and implementation of NAMAs by providing platform to show case NAMAs and innovative financing options;
  • Forge robust/systematic partnership with international partners to conduct the workshops and ensure synergy, coherence, cost effectiveness and avoid duplication; 
  • Provide platform for networking by bringing experts of participating countries and international organizations/donors together. 
  • Explore how and by what means the experiences gained in implementation of CDM standards could be linked with NAMAs.


Upcoming events: 


Asia-Pacific and Eastern European regions workshop on Nationally appropriate actions

Date: 22-25 April 2014

Venue: Vientiane, Lao People's Democratic Republic



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