Gender and Climate Change - List of Gender Focal Points under the UNFCCC

The gender and climate change decision 21/CP.22, paragraph 22 "Invites Parties to appoint and provide support for a national gender focal point for climate negotiations, implementation and monitoring". Consequently, the UNFCCC secretariat is providing herewith related details and the list of nominated Gender Focal Points under the UNFCCC.

Kindly, contact us at: Gender Team for any questions regarding the process of nomination

List of Gender Focal Points under the UNFCCC

Country/Institution Contact Nominated by
Australia Ms. Lisa Gittos  
Australian Government
Department of
Foreign Affairs and Trade
Austria Ms. Angela Friedrich

Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism


Ms. Fanny Mertz

Walloon Air and Climate Agency
Canada Ms. Laura Coates
International Affairs Branch
Environment and Climate Change
Government of Canada
Chad Ms. Sakine Mahamat Ahmat Yacoub  
Ministère de l'Environnement et de la Pêche
Côte d’Ivoire Ms. Anna Marleyne Koffi
Ministry of Salubrity
Environment and Sustainable Development
National Climate Change Programme
Democratic Republic of the Congo

Ms.  Espérance Musafiri

Ms. Angela Ebeleke

Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development
Dominican Republic Ms. Luz Delina Alcántara Aquino  
Ministerio de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales

Ms. Tayech Ourgicho Didemo

Ministry of Environment Forest and Climate Change
Finland Ms. Marjo Nummelin
Ministry of the Environment 
France Ms. Sophie Goudiaby

Ms. Emma Letellier
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development 

Ministry for an ecological and solidary transition
Ghana Ms. Lydia Obenewa Essuah
Ministry of Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation (MESTI)

Ms. Anne-Marie Ndong Obiang

Ms. Geneviève Sabrina Ngambiande Bouchard

Conseil National Climat
Netherlands Mr. Pieter Terpstra
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Malawi Mr. Fred Simwaka 
Ministry of Gender, Children, Disability and Social Welfare
Nepal Ms Radha Wagle
Ministry Forests and Environment

Ms Issa Hamsatou Kailou

Executive Secretariat of the CNEDD
Norway Ms. Marianne Bruusgaard
Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment
Philippines Ms. Maria Victoria M. Evangelista  
Climate Change Commission
Portugal Ms. Joana Vieira da Silva
Portuguese Environment Agency
Republic of Korea Mr. Tong-q Lee
Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ms. Vera Estefania Gonzalez

Spanish Climate Change Office, Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment of Spain
Sudan  Ms Maryam Basheir Elfeel
Ministry of Environment
Natural Resources and Physical Development (MENRPD)
Sweden Ms. Nilla Thomson
Ministry of the Environment and Energy
Togo Ms. Méry Yaou
Ministère de l'Environnement et des Ressources Forestières
Turkey Ms. Tugba Icmeli

Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation

Department on Climate Change


Ms. Winifred Masiko

Ms. Chekwoti Irene (First Alternate) 

Mr. Alex Asiimwe (Second Alternate) 

Parliament of Uganda

Climate Change Department, Ministry of Water and Environment


Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development


Ms. Emily Fadzai Matingo

Ms. Munashe Mukonoweshuro (Alternate) 

Ministry of Environment, Water and Climate