UNEP DTU Partnership



UNEP DTU Partnership: Capacity Building for the Implementation of the Paris Agreement

12 December 2018 / 13:00 – 14:00

PCCB Capacity-Building Hub / RYSY Meeting Room 24 - Area E

Capacity building is one of the implementation means of the UNFCCC and one of the recurrent areas for support requested by developing countries. Once again, the Article 11 of the Paris Agreement calls for capacity building as a fundamental element for the engagement of all in climate actions. In attention to this, the UNEP DTU Partnership (UDP) has been providing science-based reports, capacity building and technical assistance in different areas of climate change for over two decades. With more than ten multi-country and multiyear projects, UDP has become a leading provider of knowledge materials and capacity building, contributing to bridging the knowledge and information gaps in developing countries and enabling them to be ready for climate resilient and low carbon investments.

The event will present and discuss achievements, challenges and opportunities of selected UDP projects on building global awareness and national capacities to implement NDCs and enhance transparency for low emission and climate resilient development.

1 Global gaps, status and progress: the adaptation and emissions gap reports
Anne Olhoff, PhD
2 Support for NDCs: past and upcoming
Myung Kyoon Lee
3 Technology Needs Assessments: challenges, lessons learned and future role
Sara Trærup
4 National efforts for transparency - capacity building initiatives in action: CBIT and ICAT
Miriam Hinostroza