SB 44 side events and exhibits

Exhibits serve as a platform for observer organizations and Parties to highlight diverse climate change issues at UNFCCC conferences and provide a meeting point for participants. They cover a wide variety of topics and are loosely clustered by thematic groups.

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Climate Change Resources Corner (CCRC)

Official side events and exhibits
The adoption of the Paris Agreement at COP 21 marked a new era in the international cooperation on climate change, shifting the main focus of the UNFCCC process from negotiation towards implementation.

In the same vein, official side events at UNFCCC conferences, serving as a platform for admitted observer organizations to engage with Parties and other participants for knowledge sharing, capacity building, networking and exploring actionable options for meeting the climate challenge, are being remodeled to better accompany the transformation.

Therefore, starting from SB 44, the official side events will be organized under the common theme “Accelerating implementation of the Paris Agreement” and will be categorized under the three categories:

1. Enhancing ambition:
pre-2020 action; any issues that help increase ambition.

2. Promoting implementation:
methodologies, showcasing of climate action, global stocktake, etc.

3. Providing support to developing countries:
means of implementation, replicable tools and approaches.

Each side event is thus categorized in line with its main focus and color-coded accordingly on the side events web schedule.

Archive of side events and exhibits

Green side events and exhibits
With a view to reinforcing the greening of the conference, the organizers of all official side events were strongly encouraged by the UNFCCC secretariat to disseminate their side event materials through electronic means only. In order to track the sustainability level of each side event, a 3-level rating was implemented: 'green' (electronic dissemination of materials only), 'orange' (limited number of printed materials combined with electronic dissemination) and 'red' (a lot of leftover printed materials).

Thanks to the exemplary commitment and cooperation of many side event and exhibits organizers, 39 side events (44 % of the total of 88) and 12 exhibits (43 % of the total of 28) were rated green. The list of all 'green' side events and exhibits can be found through the link below.

green side events

Live broadcast of side events
As part of a pilot project, 9 side events were broadcast live on YouTube and Google Hangouts On Air. Online audiences could listen in, watch the presentations and pose questions to the panel via Twitter. The presentations made at the side events, accompanied by the audio recording, are available on YouTube and Google+ for viewing any time.


“Touch-to-collect” technology (Poken)

Poken at SB 44

In line with the sustainability efforts for SB 44, innovative “touch-to-collect” technology is introduced as a pilot project, in partnership with Poken. Poken is a platform for collecting digital information and networking in a user-friendly way.

Participants can receive a personal Poken device, at no charge, at the Poken booth located in the exhibit area. Poken, once registered with personal login information, allows collecting digital information from the exhibits, the Paris Agreement booth, the COP 22/CMP 12 booth, the Climate Neutral Now booth and the Climate Change Resources Corner (CCRC). The registration of personal login information also allows an exchange of digital business cards among participants holding a personal Poken device.

Once collected information is loaded on participants’ computer and the conference is over, Poken devices are no longer needed. Participants are invited to contribute to sustainability by recycling their Poken device on the last day.

Climate Action Fair

A number of official side events and exhibits are part of the Climate Action Fair, which encompasses the activities related to pre-2020 action by Parties and non-Party stakeholders. More information is available in the  Climate Action Fair brochure.

Climate Change Resources Corner (CCRC)

Parties and admitted observer organizations without an exhibit are welcome to display their electronic materials at the CCRC, located next to the exhibit area.

In line with the sustainability efforts to reduce carbon footprint of UNFCCC sessions and meetings, only electronic materials can be accepted. Visual materials (e.g. video, slideshow) will be displayed on two screens and other types of materials (e.g. publications) will be available through Poken.

To make use of this option, please send a request to

Contact Side events and exhibits team

For any questions regarding the official side events and exhibits, please contact