Modalities and procedures of the LCIPP Facilitative Working Group

The LCIPP Facilitative Working Group is a constituted body that was established to further operationalize the Local Communities and Indigenous Peoples Platform and facilitate the implementation of its functions. The secretariat supports and facilitates the work of the FWG.

The FWG meets twice per year in conjunction with the sessions of the subsidiary bodies and the session of the Conference of the Parties (COP), and operates on the basis of consensus. The meetings are open to Parties and observers under the Convention. It will report on its outcomes through the SBSTA to the COP, and all reports will be made publicly available online. The FWG will also support the secretariat with making the work of the Platform widely accessible.

The initial mandate for the FWG will span three years, and can be extended as determined by a review to take place in 2021 (the outcomes and activities of the FWG will be reviewed at SBSTA 54, with a view to adopting a COP decision at COP 27).

The FWG will propose two workplans:

- An initial two-year workplan for 2020-2021, which will be considered by the SBSTA at its fifty-first session. This workplan should take into account experiences from any activities that have already taken place under the Platform (including, inter alia, workshops), and may include annual in-session events in conjunction with the COP and SBSTA. The FWG will be tasked with producing summary reports (which could be of a technical nature) of these events.

- A draft three-year workplan for the period 2022-2024, for consideration and endorsement by COP 27 through the SBSTA at its fifty-fourth session in 2021.

The FWG is encouraged to collaborate with other bodies under and outside the Convention, as appropriate. This collaboration aims to enhance the coherence of the actions of the Platform under the Convention.

Parties are invited to promote the engagement of local communities in the LCIPP with a view to enhancing their participation in the FWG and the Platform. Membership of representatives of local communities will also be part of the review.

For more information, please see decision 2/CP.24.