From the Podium / 01 May, 2018
Message by the Presiding Officers

We, the Presiding Officers, are encouraged by the views shared by Parties during the opening plenaries of the subsidiary bodies and call upon Parties to continue working constructively.

We aim for this session to allow sufficient time to ensure each substantive PAWP item can make the progress needed to be in the best possible position for a balanced and comprehensive conclusion in all bodies in Katowice.

In planning the work for the session, in addition to the information currently provided in the DP and the CCTV regarding the schedule for the day, we will make every effort to ensure that Parties are informed of the schedule for the subsequent day, particularly in relation to the Paris Agreement Work Programme, to allow adequate preparation and coordination.

Please note that demands of the negotiation process might necessitate changes to this meetings schedule. For real-time information on all meetings, please consult the live meetings schedule on CCTV.

Paul Watkinson (SBSTA) Emmanuel Dlamini (SBI) Sarah Bashaan (APA) Jo Tyndall (APA)