Announcement / 02 May, 2018
Join our Facebook Live Chats to Learn about Talanoa for Ambition

On 3 May, at the 2018 Bonn Climate Conference, the Polish and Fijian Presidencies of the UN Climate Change Coferences COP24 and COP23 will kick-off the opening meeting of the so called “Talanoa Dialogue” – and we’ll be shedding light on what the Talanoa Dialogue is via Facebook Live.

The Dialogue has been specifically established to cultivate an open space where governments and other actors can collectively explore how the world can step up action to solve the climate crisis.

If you’ve never heard of ‘Talanoa’: It is a is a traditional word used in Fiji and across the Pacific to reflect a process of inclusive, participatory and transparent discourse.

So do join our series of ‘Virtual Talanoas’, which are being staged to raise awareness of the Talanoa Dialogue which, in any case, will be taking place behind-closed-doors.

For these events – which will be broadcast on the Facebook Live channel of UN Climate Change – we will be hand-picking a select number of speakers from the official Dialogue who will give a sense of how the Talanoa is being orchestrated to drive a successful outcome at the UN climate negotiations in Poland.

They will also provide unique insights into the types of “moonshot solutions” being advanced as part of the ‘Talanoa’ process, as a means of enhancing national ambition.

In total, UN Climate Change is hosting three of these virtual events – one for each of the three questions which frame conversations within the formal Talanoa Dialogue: Where are we now?; Where are we going?; and How do we get there?

You can participate in one of our ‘Virtual Talanoas’ by going to our Facebook pages at the following times:

  • 1st Virtual Talanoa: Where Are We Now? 1pm – 2pm CEST, 3 May

  • 2nd Virtual Talanoa: Where Do We Want To Go? 1pm – 2pm CEST, 4 May

  • 3rd Virtual Talanoa: How Do We Get There? 1pm – 2pm CEST, 5 May

The event on 3 May will define the expectations around the Talanoa Dialogue, which will formally be in session on Sunday, 6 May, culminating in a closing meeting and wrap-up on Wednesday 9 May. (For more information on the official programme, please click here).

The success of the Talanoa – official or otherwise – rests firmly on the power of people to tell compelling stories that excite change. Our virtual Dialogues will therefore feature youth leaders, business leaders, city rollers, municipal revolutionaries and, in general, “lightbulb thinkers” – all of whom have a unique story to share.

What’s more, by watching these discussions everyone will have the opportunity to ask questions and to share your own stories, which will be read-out live at our conference center in Bonn, Germany.

The Talanoa Dialogue is an open forum where everyone is invited to discover solutions for the common good, without finger-pointing or name-blaming.

See the UN Climate Change Facebook page