Resource / 11 Apr, 2018
How to Navigate the Website

The UN Climate Change secretariat (UNFCCC) has enhanced its website in order to improve the public access to information through modern and user-friendly technology.

Users can find all the information about the UNFCCC process and meetings that was available on the old website through the new website front-page

Information about the upcoming UN Climate Change Conference (Bonn, 30 April-10 May) is prominently displayed on the front-page through the “Process and meetings” tab in the top menu of the new website and through the specific tabs for each of the bodies’ session.

UNFCCC website top section

Clicking on “Process and meetings” / “Conferences” / “Bonn Climate Change Conference April 2018” you will find all the information currently available about the upcoming conference, including the agendas and documents for the different sessions (SBI 48/SBSTA 48/APA 1-5), as well as logistical details and information for the press. More information will be made available closer to the date.

This image below shows where to find the relevant information on the new website:

Old and new process and meetings section

You can find past sessions and meetings’ documents by clicking the “Documents and decisions” tab on the navigation menu. You can also search website pages, documents and other content by using the general search icon (magnifying lens) at the top right of site pages.


Documents search new website

In the lead-up to the May 2018 sessions, expect that the documents and decisions search portal will continue to undergo enhancements. While we continue improving the website’s search functionalities and navigation structure, we apologize for any inconvenience the implementation of the new technology may cause. Please, help us improve your user experience on the website by letting us know of any problems you may encounter. Write to  

Additionally, the secretariat will set up an information booth at the April-May session to support delegates in document searches and to guide all interested persons through the navigation of the new website. More information on this training will be provided soon.