Article / 06 Dec, 2018
COP24 Capacity Building Hub Officially Opened

UN Climate Change News, 6 December 2018 - The Paris Committee on Capacity Building (PCCB) today officially opened its novel capacity-building hub at COP24.

The Capacity-building Hub will provide all stakeholders involved in capacity-building with the opportunity to exchange experiences, knowledge, success stories and lessons learned on how best to support capacity-building in developing countries.

At the opening of the hub, Mr. Daniele Violetti, Director of the Finance Technology and Capacity-building programme at UN Climate Change said: “I’d like to formally recognize the incredible work that the PCCB has accomplished in the short 18 months that it has been up and running”. 

The PCCB has a unique mandate to help developing countries identify needs and gaps in capacity-building and to promote active engagement with a wide range of stakeholders to increase the impact of capacity-building.

“Capacity building is vital for developing countries to act. The PCCB wants to boost climate change capacity building as much as possible”, said Ms. Ms. Rita Mishaan, Co-Chair of the PCCB.

This includes strengthening the collaboration and coherence between the actions of different actors.

“Today, we are reinforcing your work and strengthening capacity-building even more through the launch of this Capacity-Building Hub”, said Mr. Violetti

“What it’s going to do is truly exciting”, he added.

More than 35 events will cover issues relating to capacity needs in developing countries, including the implementation of nationally determined contributions, the use of indigenous knowledge, the potential of blockchain, and the integration of gender into climate actions.

There will also be a dedicated capacity-building day with high-level representation on 11 December 2018. Events will day place from 5 to 12 December in Room 24. 

During the opening, PCCB Co-Chair Ms. Marzena Chodor said: “Capacity building is providing access to know-how and, ultimately, preventing a waste of resources and mistakes that others made before us. The PCCB wants to guide this process.”

“It is an ambitious goal, but it is worth striving for”, she added.

To ensure that stakeholders around capacity-building engage and to remain closely connected beyond the COP, the PCCB has also officially launched a dedicated capacity-building network on Facebook

Both the hub and the digital network provide a platform for stakeholders to receive an overview of all capacity-building related events, tools, training and contacts.

In a special “get involved” section of the Capacity-building Hub, the PCCB also invites capacity-building practitioners attending on-site to propose a topic for possible ad-hoc inclusion into the series of events at the hub.

For more information on the PCCB click here.