Other / 25 Nov, 2015
Airport Carbon Accreditation - Towards Carbon-Neutral Airports

Contact: Marina Bylinsky, Marina.Bylinsky@aci-europe.org, +32 2 552 09 74

Launched in June 2009 by the Airport Council International (ACI) EUROPE (body representative of European airports), the “Airport Carbon Accreditation” initiative was designed as a supporting tool for airports to reduce their CO2 emissions, with the ultimate objective of becoming carbon-neutral. It aims at collectively engaging the airport community to play its part in addressing the impact of aviation on climate change. The programme is specifically designed to ensure that suitable management processes are in place, which will enable reductions to be identified and achieved.

The initiative is site-specific and can be used at any airport as part of its daily environmental management activity and long-term strategy, as it helps to guide and support airport environmental management through a process of continual improvement and partnership with its airport stakeholders. Airports efforts to manage and/or reduce their carbon emissions are recognised with four levels of certification: "Mapping", "Reduction", "Optimisation" and "Neutrality".

Main objectives:

  • Strive to become the "global certification standard" for airports in the area of carbon management, with the ultimate goal for airports to become carbon neutral.
  • Improve aviation's performance and reputation in relation to environmental efficiency and carbon reduction.
  • Engage the airport community to reduce its carbon emissions by providing airports with valuable industry knowledge, advice, support and assistance in airport environmentally compatibility and efficient air transport system.


Lead organisations include ACI Europe, ACI Asia-Pacific, ACI North America, ACI Africa and ACI Latin America and the Caribbean, with support by ACI World. In November 2015, 136 airports were certified worldwide, covering 31% of global passenger traffic

  • 92 in Europe  
  • 27 In Asia Pacific
  • 10 in North America
  • 3 in Africa
  • 4 in Latin America and the Caribbean.

In 2014/2015 accredited airports reduced emissions under their direct control by 212.000 tons compared to the average emissions of the 3 previous years. Furthermore, 20 airports have achieved carbon neutrality.

Photo credit: Nick Harris (Flickr)