Inputs to the Talanoa Dialogue: Where are we?

The inputs provided by Parties, non-Party stakeholders and Presidencies are made available per topic.

This page shows the inputs related to the topic "Where are we?".


Inputs from the Presidencies
Date of submission Objective Input
26 January 2018

Overview of the targets with and without additional means of implementation and the aggregate effect if these targets are met

2016 Update of the INDC synthesis report

23 April 2018 Provide an overview and analysis of inputs to the Talanoa Dialogue Portal, describing the trends and main contents, categorized according to the three questions of the Talanoa Dialogue. Overview of inputs to the Talanoa Dialogue
Inputs from Parties and Groups of Parties
Parties and Groups of Parties Date of submission Objective Input
State of Palestine 30 March 2018 To respond to the guiding questions and to reflect upon how we see the efficient and responsive global climate change regime. Palestine Submission_Talanoa Dialogue_30.3.2018
Saint Lucia on behalf of CARICOM 31 March 2018 To provide a short report on a regional activity in the Caribbean under the Talanoa Dialogue  Report of the CARICOM Workshop on IPCC Special Report on 15_FINALdocx
Saint Lucia on behalf of CARICOM 31 March 2018 To:tell story of impacts of climate change already being experienced in the Caribbean region; emphasise importance of holding global warming below 1.5 CARICOM Submission on the Talanoa Dialogue_FINAL 29 March 2018
Saint Lucia on behalf of CARICOM 31 March 2018 Cited in the Saint Lucia on behalf of CARICOM Submission on the Talanoa Dialogue caribbean-marine-climate-change-report-card-2017
Saint Lucia on behalf of CARICOM 31 March 2018 Cited in the Saint Lucia on behalf of CARICOM Submission on the Talanoa Dialogue U.S. Fourth National Climate Assessment_Executive_Summary_2017
Saint Lucia on behalf of CARICOM 31 March 2018 Cited in the Saint Lucia on behalf of CARICOM Submission on the Talanoa Dialogue .S Fourth National Climate Assessment_Full Report_2017
China 02 April 2018 To elaborate China’s views regarding “where are we”,“where do we want to go”, “how do we get there” and the next steps. China’s inputs on Talanoa Dialogue
Fiji 02 April 2018 To submit the Republic of Fiji's contribution to the Talanoa Dialogue Talanoa dialogue_Where Are We
Saudi Arabia/Arab Group 02 April 2018 To address the Conference of the Parties decision 1/CP.21 Talanoa Dialogue Arab Group Submission 2-April-2018
Saudi Arabia/Arab Group 02 April 2018 To address the Conference of the Parties decision 1/CP.21 Talanoa Dialogue Arab Group Submission 2-April-2018
Indonesia 02 April 2018 Share views for enhancing effectiveness of Talanoa Dialogue Indonesia Input for Talanoa Dialogue - 2 April 2018 clean
Australia 04 April 2018 Australian Government's submission to the Talanoa Dialogue.  Australia Talanoa Dialogue Submission
European Union 05 April 2018 The EU would like to share its experience, provide input to the framing questions of the Talanoa Dialogue and present its views on Talanoa processes. BG-04-05-EU submission on Talanoa dialogue
Ethiopia 10 April 2018 LDC Group input to the Talanoa Dialogue LDC_Input to the Talanoa Dialogu
New Zealand 18 April 2018 We have identified three key themes in the hope these stories can be of benefit to others through the Talanoa process.  New Zealand Submission to first phase of Talanoa Dialogue
Egypt/African Group 19 April 2018 The 2018 FD is to take stock of the collective efforts of Parties in relation to progress towards the long-term goal referred to in Article 4, para 1 18042018 AGN TD 2018 Submission
Japan 23 April 2018 To present the role and achievements by Japanese government, vision of the future, and the commitments Submission for Talanoa Dialogue -Talanoa JAPAN-
Iran (Islamic Republic of)/LMDC 26 April 2018 LMDC SUBMISSION FOR THE TALANOA DIALOGUE LMDC Talanoa Dialogue Submission Mar 2018 r5
Egypt 27 April 2018 Take this opportunity to share Egypt's views Egypt Submission on Talanoa Dialogue Where are we
Malaysia 03 May 2018 To share the Malaysian experience in response to the questions on where we are, where do we want to go and how do we get there. TDSubmission
Thailand 09 May 2018 Thailand's input for the Talanoa Dialogue Talanoa Dialogue Submission final
Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) 23 May 2018 To contribute with the initiative of the Presidency of Fiji (COP-23) Submission Talanoa Dialogue
Saint Lucia on behalf of AILAC/CARICOM/EIG 13 September 2018 To provide input on the Talanoa Dialogue (TD) – The political phase and potential outcomes AILAC-CARICOM-EIG The Talanoa Dialogue Outcomes Conceptual Note
Inputs from Non-Party stakeholders
Non-Party stakeholder Date of submission Objective Input
German Development Institute 02 February 2018 Increase transparency and comparability of NDCs to identify omissions and options for improvement; enhance implementation; and support negotiations Pauw et al_2018_Beyond the headline mitigation numbers
Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) 16 February 2018 The aim of this submission is to make a case for an accelerated transition to a low-carbon society, backed by the latest research findings. Talanoa Dialogue Submission_IGES_2018
IDDRI    07 March 2018 Understanding and assessing the implications, trade-offs and co-benefits of the implementation of NDCs towards the 2-degree limit.        IDDRI 2015_Beyond the Numbers
IDDRI         07 March 2018 Insights on how to commit to more ambition by going beyond targets. IDDRI 2017_Beyond Emissions Targets
Stockholm Environment Institute 20 March 2018 To explain the rationale for adopting policies that constrain fossil fuel supply and highlight the role of the UNFCCC process and Parties therein. SEI_Talanoa_Fossil_Fuels 
ADEME / AFD / Cerema / CODATU / GIZ 21 March 2018 Stressing the importance of comprehensive policy making and planning, which links international agendas with sub-national development priorities. MobiliseYourcity submission Talanoa Dialog 21032018
Partenariat Français pour l'Eau - French Water Partnership 24 March 2018 Bring insights from the water community to raise the ambitions and to turn the commitments into public policies especially on adaptation issues. FWP Contribution_Talanoa dialogue_v23 03 2018
Islamic Relief Worldwide 26 March 2018 Eradicating Poverty, Reducing Risk and Building Resilience. Talanoa 1
UN Environment 27 March 2018 The Gap Report can be instrumental in providing the Talanoa dialogue with a solid scientific foundation on the question of “where are we” UNEP GAP Talanoa q1
EASAC - European Academies' Science Advisory Council 28 March 2018 Preparing for climate change adaptation EASAC_Extreme_Weather_2018_web_23March
EASAC - European Academies' Science Advisory Council 28 March 2018 Negative emission technologies will not compensate for inadequate climate change mitigation efforts EASAC Report on Negative Emission Technologies
EASAC - European Academies' Science Advisory Council 28 March 2018 Managing Europe's forests under conflicting objectives calls for a holistic view and new tools EASAC Policy Report Forests May 2017
EASAC - European Academies' Science Advisory Council 28 March 2018 Implications for national and European Union Adaptation Strategies  EASAC report Extreme Weather in Europe Nov13
Federation of German Industries (BDI) 28 March 2018 Modelling economically cost-efficient “Climate Paths for Germany”. Pointing out opportunities and challenges of climate policy.    TalanoaDialogue_Submission_BDI
London School of Economics 28 March 2018 To highlight the need for closer alignment between the objectives of the Paris Agreement, the NDCs and the national climate governance frameworks. GRI Talanoa Q 1
Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment 28 March 2018 We share learnings from PRISE on supporting private adaptation of households and businesses in SALs. LSE April Talanoa Submission_FINAL
Global CCS institute 29 March 2018 This submission makes the case for CCS as an indispensable technology in meeting Paris climate change targets, and creating a new energy economy.  UNFCCC Submission_Global CCS Institute
Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand 29 March 2018 Ensure that the voices from Oceania are integrated into the Talanoa Dialogue Caritas Submission on TALANOA DIALOGUE FINAL
National Council for Climate Change Sustainable Development and Public Leadership (NCCSD) 29 March 2018 Capacity Building UNFCCC-Where We 29 Mar 2018 (1)
World Council of Churches 29 March 2018 This submission describes the achievements and potentials of faith communities from around the world for reaching a 1.5 degree future TD Question1_ Interfaith Contribution_by World Council of Churches
Climate Action Tracker 29 March 2018 Highlight where our collective efforts take us compared to goals agreed in the Paris Agreement, and show which further sectoral actions are needed. CAT_2018-03-29_TalanoaSubmission
International Federation of Red Cross Red Crescent Societies 29 March 2018 A call for greater investment and engagement in climate resilience, to help and support communities overcome environmental challenges.  IFRC Where are we now submission
Carbon Market Watch 29 March 2018 Through this submission, we aim to describe the current state of carbon pricing and suggest positive solutions going forward. Talanoa Dialogue input
World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) 29 March 2018 This submission highlights the Talanoa Dialogue as  a key opportunity for enhanced ambition under the Paris Agreement through increased collaboration. WBCSD Talanoa Dialogue Submission (April 2018) FINAL
ProVeg International 29 March 2018 ProVeg aims to raise awareness of the connection between our diets and climate change. Submission_Talanoa_ProVeg International
The Climate Group 29 March 2018 The aim of this submission is to illustrate the critical role and progress of state and regional governments in delivering the Paris Agreement Talanoa Dialogue_Where are we_Under2 Coalition.docx
International Institute for Sustainable Development 29 March 2018 To share lessons learned on fossil fuel subsidy reform and fossil fuel taxation, with a combined opportunity to reduce global emissions by 23%. GSI-IISD Fossil Fuel Subsidy Reform and Taxation Stories for Success
Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre 29 March 2018 To demonstrate the need for ambitious mitigation measures by the international community Taylor 1.5 Paper
C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group 29 March 2018 In this compelling text, C40 describes how cities are delivering the Paris Agreement, inviting Nations to support them and raise ambition by 2020 C40_Talanoa_submission_March 29
The Climate Group 29 March 2018 To raise awareness for the role of corporate demand in driving the transition to electro-mobility - and frameworks required to support this leadership TalanoaDialogue_March 2018_EV100
BusinessEurope 30 March 2018 Constructive inputs to the Talanoa Dialogue on behalf of European business at large 2018-03-30 BusinessEurope submission to Bonn 1st intersessionals on climate - question 1
Plan B 30 March 2018 The submission proposes a clear and accessible framework to assist parties in closing the global emissions and finance gaps. Talanoa Closing the Accountability Gap
Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction 30 March 2018 Show the high potential of the buildings and construction sector in addressing climate change, progress, gaps, and ways to materialise the potential.  Talanoa Dialogue - input GABC-30 March 2018
International Union of Railways (UIC) 30 March 2018 Mobilising sustainable railway for global climate action  Talanoa Dialogue Inputs 3 Questions_UIC
Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy 30 March 2018 Highlight the importance of integrating cities and local governments actions in national policies and plans. Talanoa April Submission GCoM _5_final
The Climate Group 30 March 2018 This submission describes how RE100 corporate members are leading the energy transition - and how they can go even further. RE100 - Talanoa Dialogue - March 2018
International Chamber of Commerce 30 March 2018 Demonstrates that business has made progress and that more and more companies are taking action to tackle climate change.  ICC Talanoa Dialogue Submission
FIDIC – International Federation of Consulting Engineers 30 March 2018 To initiate a dialogue among Talanoa participants about the precarious state of the world’s water which is being exacerbated by climate change. Talanoa propose input WH4_JF6 (2)
Saving Our Planet 30 March 2018 To advance the dialogue through some concrete suggestions SavingOurPlanet Talanoa 2018
Wetlands International 30 March 2018 Wetlands to be safeguarded, better managed and restored to contribute to attenuate water-related impacts of climate change and reduce CO2 emissions.  Wetlands International input into the Talanoa Dialogue
National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES), Japan 30 March 2018 This submission provides input to the Talanoa Dialogue from NIES, Japan, based on our latest studies. Our input is related to all the three questions. Talanoa_NIES_JPN_31Mar2018_final
Australian Rainforest Conservation Society 31 March 2018 Supporting natural solutions to climate change can help achieve deep cuts in emissions, promote ecosystem integrity, human health and biodiversity. submission Talanoa Dialogue v29March18
CSO Equity Review 31 March 2018 Presenting a concrete and principled proposal for equitable and ambitious global climate action; protecting sustainable development rights of the poor CSO_Equity_Review_Talanoa_Dialogue_Submission
Balkan Agency for Sustainable Development (BASD) 31 March 2018 Working for sustainable future of humanity. 3983270784212656713/ECOLOGICAL MANIFESTO
UNEP DTU Partnership 01 April 2018 To provide a global overview of where we are in terms of emissions, current policies and emission reduction commitments Emissions Gap Report_Talanoa
IETA 01 April 2018 The role of markets to meet the long-term target of the Paris Agreement IETA input to TD_final
Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change 01 April 2018 The investor perspective on the enabling policy framework needed to shift the trillions of capital required to finance the low carbon transition 180329 IIGCC submission to the Talanoa Dialogue - FINAL
Climate Institure 01 April 2018 To present the case the temperature rise must be below 0.5C and this necessitates cooling and carbon dioxide removal as well as aggressive mitigation. Talanoa Submission_climate institute
Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs 01 April 2018 To catalyze the creation of governance for climate geoengineering by shifting the conversation from the scientific to the global policy-making arena. 20180401 Carnegie Council input for Talanoa Dialogue
Quaker Earthcare Witness 02 April 2018 Support for the Talanoa Dialogue, convey a powerful, collective voice, and call for bolder action. Quaker Input to the Talanoa Dialogue (1)
Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry 02 April 2018 To provide insights on Corporate action and initiatives related to SDGs including Climate Change Report on Sustainable Development Goals - Linkages with corporate actions in India
Asociación La Ruta del Clima 02 April 2018 Highlight the value of Public Participation in enhancing climate action and transparency in climate governance. Talanoa Input - Public Participation Enhancing Climate Action
Kigali Cooling Efficiency Program 02 April 2018 To highlight the contribution of efficient, clean cooling to the Paris Agreement, Montreal Protocol and SDGs K-CEP response to the Talanoa Dialogue
NewClimate Institute 02 April 2018 Summary of findings from research activities on mitigation and finance, that NewClimate Institute undertook with various partners NewClimate Institute input to Talanoa Dialogue
1Earth Pty Ltd 02 April 2018 We propose that consultation and equal inclusion of Indigenous peoples and community leaders is an essential part of reaching global climate goals. INPUT TALANOA DIALOGUE 20 3 18
International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) 02 April 2018 The inputs are to respond to the question "where are we?", by providing an overview of renewable energy targets in NDCs. TD_IRENA inputs_in template_Q1_Final
Confederation of Indian Industry 02 April 2018 To bring a change in the way industry looks at climate change and bring concrete and large results by collaborative approach and recognition.  Introduction for Talanoa
UN-Habitat, GIZ, ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability (Joint Submission) 02 April 2018 The objective of this joint submission is to make the case for improved multi-level governance as a vital strategy to implement the Paris Agreement. TD1_Where are we_UNHabitat-GIZ-ICLEI_Final
Jubilee South Asia Pacific Movement 02 April 2018 To communicate to Parties what a meaningful Talanoa Dialogue should look like, and to outline again the need for a fair shares equity approach APMDD Input to Talanoa Dialogue April 2018
Confederation of Indian Industry 02 April 2018 CII wants to bring a change in the way Indian Industries are looking at Climate Change and strategies to future proof their business Introduction for Talanoa
Civil society Local Energy Efficiency Network (CLEEN) 02 April 2018 Highlight the role of local communities in Eastern Europe and Caucasus countries to combat global climate change and bear leadership in the process.   Unlocking potential of GHG emission reductions in local communities
International Renewable Agency (IRENA) 02 April 2018 This is to provide more detailed information on IRENA's inputs, in addition to the designated templates. 180323 TD_IRENA inputs_Attachment_Final
Christian Aid 02 April 2018 Contribute to a world where global temperature rise is limited to no more than 1.5°C  Christian Aid and our Global Partnership Supports Adaptation to and Mitigation of Climate Risk
Centre for Community Economics and Development Consultants Society 02 April 2018 To highlight the need of rigorous adaptation for smallholder’s agriculture of India to survive in the face of climate change CECOEDECON Inputs - Talanoa Dialogue - 2.4.2018
Public Advocacy Initiatives for Rights & Values in India 02 April 2018 Reducing Energy Use and Preventing Fossil Fuel Expansion for Climate Stabilization Talanoa-PAIRVI
Peace Boat 02 April 2018 To provide a vision of a sustainable cruising model as an example of transition to carbon neutral maritime transport and a vehicle for education.  Peace Boat Talanoa Dialogue Submissio
International Transport Forum, OECD 02 April 2018 This input is focused on the projection of carbon emissions in the transport sector given current commitments, policies and measures.  TalanoaDialogue_Q1_ITF_TransportOutlook
ActionAid International 02 April 2018 Supporting more ambitious action in the land-sector, in keeping with human rights and ecosystem integrity, to meet the 1.5 degree temperature goal. TALANOA submission CLARA final
Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights 02 April 2018 To demonstrate the negative impacts of climate change on the effective enjoyment of human rights and propose a rights-based approach to climate action OHCHR Submission to the Talanoa Dialogue
Climate Action Network (CAN) and International Coalition for Sustainable Aviation (ICSA) 02 April 2018 To inform participants in the Talanoa Dialogue of the importance of addressing increasing aviation emissions to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement. CAN ICSA Aviation TD submission
Climate Action Network (CAN) and Clean Shipping Coalition (CSC) 02 April 2018 To informa participants in the Talanoa Dialogue of the importance of addressing increasing shipping emissions to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement CAN CSC TD Submission Shipping
International Cryosphere Climate Initiative (ICCI) 02 April 2018 Raising ambition for early cuts in CO2 while addressing air pollution to avoid severe global and regional risks from a rapidly unraveling cryosphere. ICCI Talanoa Questions 1-3
Asia Climate Change Consortium (ACCC) 02 April 2018 To voice the needs for temperature limit and urgent actions on adaptation, loss and damage, based on climate justice  Submission-AsiaClimateChangeConsortium
Climate Aware 02 April 2018 Climate Aware is a small organization working towards the greater goal of climate change education, and the engineering of a sustainable future. Talanoa Dialogue 2018 SIGNED
Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation 02 April 2018 To share our experiences and achievements in combating climate change effectively by starting from learning to co-exist with the earth. Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation - Learning to Co-Exist with the Earth
Partnership on Sustainable, Low Carbon Transport (SLoCaT) and Paris Process on Mobility and Climate (PPMC) 02 April 2018 Provide insights on the emission trends of transport and its critical role in reversing the current emission trends and realizing the Paris Agreement. SLoCaT-PPMC - Talanoa Dialogue Submission
Ceres 02 April 2018 Ceres is an non-profit organization based in the USA that mobilizes investor & business action on climate change & other sustainability issues. 2 April Ceres Submission to Talanoa Dialogue
Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) 02 April 2018 Scientific evidence on REDD+ progress and challenges will contribute to more efficient, effective and equitable REDD+.  CIFOR submission Talanoa where are we - REDD+ V3
Center for International Environmental Law 02 April 2018 The importance of and ability to enhance the ambition of the implementation of the Paris Agreement in accordance with human rights.  Talanoa Dialogue Submission - Final
SPRI, University of Sussex 02 April 2018 To indicate the carbon emissions reduction target for the oil sands sector in Alberta, Canada  Talanoa_Alberta_Canada_Where are we_
ESB 02 April 2018 To: inform on our company's objective, lead the transition to low carbon in our country, share insights, seek collaboration to make it happen.   180329 Talanoa Dialogue ESB Ireland v0 1
International Coastal and Ocean Organization 02 April 2018 To provide input on a pathway to enhance the contribution of oceans in achieving global climate goals through actions at global and national levels. Talanoa Dialogue Submission - GOF et al - April 2.
Forest Trends Association 02 April 2018 Maintaining and increasing the contribution of intact forests, as part of natural climate solutions, toward enhanced climate ambition. Intact Forest Talanoa Submission 3-30-18 final
ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability 02 April 2018 The compilation of information reported at the carbonn Climate Registry by more than 1000+ local and regional governments in 86 countries.  TD-1_Where we are_ICLEI
Business Council for Sustainable Energy 02 April 2018 To demonstrate the success of the US energy transformation in order to build confidence of governments in the benefits of a cleaner energy portfolio. BCSE Talanoa Dialogue Submission
We Are Still In 02 April 2018 Demonstrate how U.S. subnational actors are helping to meet the U.S. NDC through the efforts of the We Are Still In coalition and America’s Pledge.   We Are Still In and Americas Pledge_Talanoa Dialogue submission_2 April 2018
World Resources Institute 02 April 2018 WRI’s submission highlights opportunities for stronger climate action in line with the long-term Paris goals, including through new or updated NDCs.  World Resources Institute - Talanoa Submission - 02April2018
International Energy Agency 02 April 2018 To address the three central questions with regards to energy sector transition and meeting the Paris Agreement goal, based on IEA analysis. Talanoa Dialogue_IEA input_April2018_final
United States Climate Alliance 02 April 2018 Smart, coordinated state action can ensure that the United States continues to contribute to the global effort to address climate change.  US Climate Alliance - Talanoa Dialogue Submission - April Final
CARE International 02 April 2018 Highlight need to increase ambition for 1.5C pathways; need to promote gender equality/human rights; examples of positive influence of the 1.5C limit CARE International submission to the Talanoa Dialogue April 2018 rev
CIDSE 02 April 2018 This submission serves to inform parties and non-party stakeholders to enter pathways towards climate justice and low-carbon development pathways.  CIDSE_Submission Talanoa Dialogue_Final_April 2018
Natural Capital Partners 03 April 2018 Exploring the opportunities to significantly raise ambition under the Paris Agreement by promoting commitments to net zero across the private sector Natural Capital Partners’ initial contribution to the Talanoa Dialogue
The Pembina Institute 03 April 2018 The Alberta Narratives Project is a new approach to public engagement research that builds skills and better communications around climate change. Talanoa Dialogue Submission-Alberta Narratives
CDP 03 April 2018 Insights from recent CDP data, analysis and tools in response to the questions of the Talanoa Dialogue. CDP TD Response
Global Coral Reef Alliance 03 April 2018 To reverse climate change in time to save coral reefs and low islands from extinction by global climate change GCRA WHITE PAPER DRAFT Apr 2 2018
Investor Group on Climate Change 03 April 2018 To provide investor insights and encourage government policies and investment practices that address the risks and opportunities of climate change IGCC - Talanoa Dialogue Submission March 2018 - FINAL
Brighter Green 03 April 2018 Show importance of food and agriculture to Paris goals and identify actions for sustainable, equitable, climate-compatible production and consumption. Brighter_Green_Talanoa Dialogue_Submission
PUSH Sweden 03 April 2018 To speak for young people in civil society, as necessary agents of change and ambition. Relates to all three questions of the Dialogue. PUSH Sweden Talanoa
UN Climate Resilience Initiative A2R 03 April 2018 To understand the progress countries have made toward building the capacities they need to be climate resilient. A2R_infobrief_web_singlepages
Climate Analytics gGmbH 03 April 2018 To summarise scientific findings relevant to the Talanoa Dialogue and the 1.5oC temperature limit in the Paris Agreement.  CA_Input_Talanoa_Dialogue_April 2018_FINAL
We Mean Business Coalition 04 April 2018 The We Mean Business coalition is pleased to submit our shared key messages. 20180403 WMB Submission to the Talanoa Dialogue TO PORTAL
Environmental Defense Fund 04 April 2018 This submission aims to demonstrate the importance of carbon pricing policies in increasing ambition without increasing total cost.   Talanoa submission carbon markets potential EDF April 3
WWF International 04 April 2018 Providing general recommendations on improving NDCs, specific recommendations on sectors and jurisdictions and case studies. WWF Talanoa submission April 2018 (final)
World Meteorological Organization (WMO) 06 April 2018 To inform Parties on the latest physical status of the global climate and its impacts, to provide more transparency through headline indicators 1212_en
African Development Bank 06 April 2018 To mobilize private sector financing of climate resilience activities through incentives.  Talanoa Q1 AfDB ABM
United Nations Development Programme 07 April 2018 To share challenges and lessons emerging on NDC implementation and progress towards achievement of the Paris Agreement, based on UNDP's experience. UNDP_Inputs to Talanoa Dialogue
International Maritime Organization 24 April 2018 To provide information on work undertaken by the International Maritime Organization to limit and reduce GHG emissions from international shipping IMO submission_Talanoa Dialogue_April 2018
ITUC 30 April 2018 Answer to the question ITUC summary Talanoa Dialogue contribution
American Anthropological Association 03 May 2018 My intent is to assess the state of knowledge of climate change as is relevant for river dwellers in northern Bangladesh. KhanContributionTalanoa
Internatkiona 07 May 2018 / Where are we ITUC _ contribution to the Talanoa Dialogue 6 April 2018
National Center for Climate Change Strategy and International Cooperation 07 May 2018 This submission is to take stock of pre-2020 ambition and actions with a view to assessing the progress we’ve achieved so far. NCSC-submisison-Talanoa-pre2020-0505
Brazilian Business Council for Sustainable Development (CEBDS) 28 May 2018 This document aims to present a framework of sustainable development in Brazil and the opportunities to raise our ambition. CEBDS - Talanoa Dialogue Input_rev
Active Remedy Ltd 30 May 2018 Safeguarding the Global Water Cycle to Reduce the Negative  Impacts of Climate Change Active Remedy Ltd Input Talanoa Dialogues 2018
Uganda Coalition for Sustainable Development 21 June 2018 Scale up local climate actions based on tested approaches and supported by higher flow of climate funds whose accountability to beneficiaries is key Final UCSD submission on TD Question 1
The Prince of Wales's Corporate Leaders Group 29 June 2018 The Corporate Leaders Group brings together European business leaders to accelerate progress towards a low carbon, sustainable economy. CLG Talanoa Dialogue submission
The Climate Reality Project: Northern VA Chapter 10 August 2018 Our submission aims to present the climate action progress being made by grass-roots actors at the sub-national level in the state of Virginia, USA. CRP_NOVa_TalanoaDialogue
The University of Manchester 10 September 2018  Museums are
increasingly working together and with others to accelerate climate education and action. With greater
networking, visibility, collaboration and co-ordination, they could contribute very meaningfully to
multistakeholder partnerships, dialogue, and action.
Talanoa submission, Museums as key sites to accelerate climate change education, action, research and partnerships.pdf
Dutch Youth Council 12 September 2018 As youth council and youth representatives we are the substantive organization for the government related to youth policy and viewpoints Dutch Youth Talanoa Dialogue