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Adaptation Committee workshop on the monitoring and evaluation of adaptation


The Sheraton Fiji Resort - Denarau Island South






The Adaptation Committee organized this workshop on the monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of adaptation, as part of its workplan, building on and contributing to existing processes related to this topic. It sought to identify recommendations and guidance for consideration by the Conference of the Parties (COP) with a view to providing technical support and guidance to Parties in order to facilitate the enhanced implementation of adaptation actions.


The workshop engaged leaders on M&E of adaptation with expertise in implementing adaptation at different levels, including the national, programme and project level, coming from government, regional organizations, development banks, bilateral technical cooperation agencies, research institutions and civil society. Participants were invited in their expert capacity.

The workshop addressed three broad policy questions:  

  1. Given the diverse set of indicators that currently exist to measure and evaluate adaptation, how can communities, countries and development and adaptation agencies build on a common understanding of success in achieving climate resilience?
  2. How can a framework be created that links individual assessments with national level assessments to broaden the focus from the means of achieving outcomes (individual interventions) to the desired end result (countries’ becoming less vulnerable and having more adaptive capacity)?
  3.  How can results from M&E be reported and disseminated so as to ensure that they are fed back into the respective adaptation process but also to allow for lessons learned and good practices identified to be shared with the wider community of adaptation planners and practitioners?


Name Affiliation Presentation
Mr. Juan Hoffmaister Adaptation Committee member Brief overview
Ms. Marita Manley SPC/GIZ workshop facilitator

Workshop objectives and structure

Summary of responses

Ms. Nicolina Laumhauge OECD National level M&E of adaptation
Ms. Susannah Fisher IIED Tracking adaptation measuring development
Ms. Marianne Karlsen Ministry of Environment, Norway  Learning by doing. M&E for adaptation in Norway
Mr. Chakra Pani Sharma  Ministry of Federal Affair and Local Development, Nepal Building Community Resilience through Environment Friendly Local Governance
Ms. Petra van Rüth UBA, Germany M&E in the German Adaptation Strategy
Ms. Christine Roehrer  CIF Administrative Unit  Evaluation (E) and Learning (L) in the CIF: PPCR
Ms. Pepetua Latasi Chair of the Least Developed Countries Group The progress, effectiveness and gap (PEG) M&E tool
Mr. Patrick Pringle UKCIP Adaptation M&E and learning
Mr. Junnius Arifa Federal Court of Accounts, Brazil  Auditing climate change policy
Ms. Shirley Laban and Ms. Rebecca Iaken Oxfam Vanuatu and Ministry of Climate Change, Vanuatu Definning the missing "L" in M&E
Ms. Sumaya Ahmed Zakieldeen   Adaptation Committee member Summary of key messages