Climate Change Kiosk- Climate Talk Series

Time for Action

A special feature of the kiosk is the climate talk series where invited representatives of IGOs, NGOs, Business and Industry and Governments give 15 minute presentations relating to a theme. For more information, contact Sharon Taylor, Climate Change Secretariat.

(The webcast of this series will be available here during COP 11 & COP/MOP 1)






17:00- 17:30

17:30- 18:00

29 November

KlimaHaus - Living in a plus

Mr. Michl Laimer
Regional Counsellor

Mr. Walter Huber

Regional Department for Urbanistics, Environment and Energy
Autonomous Province of Bolzano, Italy

How climate benefits from space

Dr. Olivier Arino
Head of Projects Section
Science and Applications Department
European Space Agency (ESA)

Industrial CO2 capture using a natural process

Mr. Jo Lanoë
Vice President
CO2 Solution Inc.

Used wood is carbon rich

Mr. Peter Ormond
ECO5 - Environmental Consultant

01 December

Taking climate action to overcome poverty

Mr. Devendra Sharma
Sector Specialist
Natural Resource Management
CARE Canada

Adaptation to climate change, ecosystems and livelihood

Ms. Habiba Gitay
World Resources Institute Washington DC

Taking action on climate change: Ramsar Convention on Wetlands

Mr. Peter Bridgewater
Secretary General
Ramsar Convention Secretariat

Peatland management to address climate change, biodiversity and community livelihoods

Mr. Faizal Parish
Global Environment Centre

03 December

Social marketing approach for stakeholder adaptation to climate change

Mr. Anthony Deyal
Public Education and Outreach Specialist
Mainstreaming Adaptation to Climate Change

Climate proofing the Netherlands

Prof. Dr. Pavel Kabat
Chair and Science Director
Water and Climate Center National Research Programme Climate Change & Spatial Planning
The Netherlands


Lessons from Katrina in addressing extremes in the developing countries

Dr. Paul V. Desanker
Chair, Least Developed Countries Expert Group (LEG)
Malawi Delegation

Greening sacred spaces: challenges and opportunities for energy efficiency for religious buildings

Ms. Joy Kennedy
Ecological Justice Coordinator
Canadian Ecumenical Justice Initiatives

05 December

Waste diversion and the mitigation of climate change

Mr. Rod Muir
Waste Diversion Canada

Experience in the implementation of UNFCCC Article 6 in Turkey

Mr. Yunus Arikan
REC Turkey Climate Change Project Manager

Climate action now ...Promoting the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity

Dr. Manuel Guariguata
Environmental Affairs Officer
Scientific Technical and technological Matters
Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity

Climate Insurance

Prof. Dr. Peter Hoeppe
Head, Department of Geo Risks Research/Environmental Management
Munich Re

Chicago Climate Exchange
Mr. Nathan Clark

Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX)

07 December

Come along at 18:00 on 7 December for a unique event at the Climate Change Kiosk. Through the prism of words and photographs, take a round-the-world tour to better understand the people and ecosystems that are threatened by climate change, desertification and loss of biodiversity. Refreshments will be served.

Venez nous rendre visite, pour un évènement unique, mercredi le 7 décembre à 18:00 au kiosque sur les changements climatiques. Grâce aux images et aux mots, faites le tour du monde pour comprendre les peuples et les écosystèmes qui sont menacés par les changements climatiques, la désertification et la rarification de la biodiversité. Des rafraîchissements seront servis.

08 December

Gender and climate change: Why it makes a difference

Ms. Minu Hemmati
Ms. Ulrike Roehr

on behalf of Life e.V. and WECF (Women in Europe for a Common Future)

Women and Men and Climate Change: Government Action

Ms. Lena Sommestad
Minister of the Environment of Sweden

Ms. Rejoice Mabudafahsi
Deputy Minister of South Africa Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism

on behalf of the Network of Women Ministers for the Environment

H2, an alternative to fossil fuels?

Mr. Pierre Gauthier Director Corporate Development Air Liquide Canada Inc.

A twelve-step process for achieving 100
% fossil fuel reduction in British Columbia, Canada
Mr. Guy Dauncey
Author of Stormy Weather: 101 Solutions to Global Climate Change President of the BC Sustainable Energy Association

Private Investments Move Ecopower (PRIME) – A Participatory Approach To Financing Energy Efficiency Measures
Dr. Bettina Wittneben

Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy

09 December

Green heat: heating and cooling the world with renewable energies

Mr.Bill Eggertson
Executive Director of the canadian association for renewable energies (we c.a.r.e.)

Bankrolling Climate Change

Mr. Sven Teske
Greenpeace International Climate Campaigner


Taking action in an EIT country (Romania)- a two-sides perspective

Mr. Vlad Trusca
Climate Change Advisor
Ministry of the Environment and Water Management

Low Hanging Fruits that Go Unnoticed
Opportunities to decrease your energy bill by 10-30% with a one-year payback

Dr. Gilles Jean
Director General
CANMET Energy Technology Centre