CCKIOSK Climate Talk Series   Theme: Time for Action

29 November 2005




KlimaHaus - Living in a plus
A climate-friendly initiative of energy efficient buildings, presented by the Province of Bolzano, Italy. The success of KlimaHaus is based on a clear and simple certificate for home-owners concerning different levels of energy efficiency (A, B or C) and on applying a KlimaHaus plaque to the buildings. The winning formula consists also in offering home-owners training as well as providing architects and artisans to build energy saving buildings and providing services and products available for the construction of buildings with proper thermal insulating.

Mr. Michl Laimer
Regional Counsellor
Mr. Walter Huber
Director of Department for Urbanistics, Environment and Energy
Mr. Norbert Lantschner
Director of Air Pollution Unit

Regional Department for Urbanistics, Environment and Energy, Autonomous Province of Bolzano, Italy



How climate benefits from space
ESA builds satellites that monitor the Earth’s health. Satellite data are provided to scientists worldwide and transformed into useful information for governments and other public institutions to the benefit of our Environment, and to our Climate in particular.

Dr. Olivier Arino
Earth Observation Science and Applications Department
European Space Agency (ESA)


17:00- 17:30


Industrial CO2 capture using a natural process
Huge amounts of CO2 will have to be captured from industrial plants at the lowest possible cost. CO2 Solution Inc. presents a powerful bio-catalyst, similar to a human enzyme, to efficiently capture CO2 in the industrial environment.

Mr. Jo Lanoë
Vice President
CO2 Solution Inc.


17:30- 18:00

Used wood is carbon rich
When disasters occur in the world, relief crews fly in, remove debris and build new infrastructure. This project looks at one component - wood. During renovation of my century home in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, the old wood originally destined for the landfill is being re-milled and reused. A climate -friendly opportunity.

Mr. Peter Ormond
ECO5 - Environmental Consultant