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SAFIRE (Strategic Assessment Framework for the Implementation of Rational Energy) is an engineering-economic bottom-up supply and demand model for the assessment of the main impacts of (renewable and new non-renewable) energy technologies on a national, regional or local level.

SAFIRE can be applied to assess the impact of energy technology and associated policies on a number of economic indicators, such as market penetration, pollutant emissions, capital expenditure, external costs, net employment creation.

Particular relevance

The SAFIRE model cab used for assessing means of increasing the uptake of 'greener' technologies, as well as some of the economic impacts of their use.


34 European countries, 8 other countries worldwide, municipalities and counties in 12 European countries

Model applications

SAFIRE projects (

Bioenergy’s role in the EU energy market - In this report SAFIRE was used by provide information on bioenergy’s contribution to the EU energy market by 2010 and 2020, taking into consideration the various EU policy instruments, as well as bioenergy’s contribution to achieving the EU’s Kyoto commitments (pdf-icon

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Identifying and implementing solutions that help businesses address their climate change risks and opportunities.

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