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National Institute of Economics and Industry Research

National Institute of Economics and Industry Research, 416 Queens Parade, Clifton Hill, Victoria, 3068, Australia

Tel: ++61 3 9488 8444
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Description of model

NIEIR Multipurpose model is an energy modelling system comprised of: 1)  macroeconomic and industry activity models for the whole country and Australia's states;  2) an energy forecasting model (EFM); 3) an energy technology model (ETM); 4) an energy environmental impact model (ENVI); and 5) an energy production and pricing model.

The model is mainly used for: 1) analysing impact of removal of cross-subsidies in electricity prices;  2) forecasting of electricity demand and load growth; 3) projecting of greenhouse gas emissions; 4) evaluating alternative power station options; and 5) assessing the impact of increased penetration of energy-efficient technologies and renewable energies on energy demand and supply and greenhouse gas emissions. 

Particular relevance

The NIEIR model is relevant in analysing the  development and diffusion of carbon-neutral technologies in Australian electricity generation.  The  model can also be used in assessing the impacts of changes in subsidies  and energy-efficiency rates.



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Private economic research, consulting and training.

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